What makes a good content marketer?

by Sharon Tanton on November 10, 2015

Sharon and Brillo

Cuddling puppies and other content marketing soft skills.

What makes a good content marketer? Millions of words have been written about the crucial sharp-edged skills that help digital marketers – strategic thinking, the determination to follow a process driven approach, a single minded focus on ROI and measuring what matters – but far less is said about the softer skills.

Here’s my take on the squishy, less easy to define but equally important qualities which all good content marketers share. [click to continue…]


The Insider’s Guide to the Land of Content

21 October 2015

Where are you on your content marketing journey now?
Earlier this year we created a handy map as a guide for our Content Group. Our goal was to help people visualise the journey to content marketing success, pinpointing where they are now so the steps to move forward are clearer. We’ve pulled out that map many [...]

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The 3 ridiculously simple secrets to content marketing success

15 October 2015

Want to make content marketing work for you? It’s not as complicated as you think. Understand these three ridiculously simple secrets and everything should start to click into place.

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Lessons in business, content and design from my first visit to America

9 October 2015

The best and biggest inspiration often comes when you remove yourself from the day to day, don’t you find?
On Monday I gave a talk on content strategy at the HOW Interactive Design Conference in Chicago – I know, Chicago! Check me! I’ve never visited the United States before so I was seriously excited about [...]

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How to use social media for business

7 October 2015

Way back in May this year we were set the task of creating an online course in social media skills by the government-backed Digital Business Academy. Like the Academy, we recognise that there’s a digital skills gap for small businesses and start ups in the UK, and that the lack of solid social media skills [...]

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Want to cook up a content strategy? Try this 10-step recipe for success

27 July 2015

Do you know what you should be writing this month? And next? And the month after that? If your content creation process is haphazard, rather than strategic, you could well be missing out. You might get by content wise, living hand to mouth, but your marketing efforts will be healthier and more cost effective, if [...]

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2012 – 2015: What’s changed in content marketing?

6 July 2015

What’s changed for you in the last three years? A lot we’d bet. In a lifetime, three years sounds a short time but a lot can happen in thirty-six months. Life evolves at its own pace, and the world seems a busier, more fast-paced and crowded place than it did even three years ago. That’s [...]

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23 ways to fall in love with marketing and win more of the work you really want to do

1 July 2015

Let’s face it. Marketing isn’t the world’s favourite thing. Cynical and switched off in the face of many marketing techniques, we hit a problem when it comes to marketing our own businesses.
Do you need to develop an extra loud voice so you can shout about yourself from the roof tops? Do you need to grow [...]

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Valuable Content Award for BeerBods: a beautiful business powered by content and connection

29 June 2015

No advertising, no sponsorship – just great service, fabulous content and live engagement via social media. We are delighted to present our latest Valuable Content Award to the brilliant BeerBods team.
From shed to business
BeerBods’ founder Matt Lane had his first experience of beer at a youngish age, at his dad’s pigeon racing club. When he got [...]

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Remarketing sucks

23 June 2015

If you spend any time at all online, then remarketing is unlikely to have escaped your notice. I’m currently being chased round the internet by a pair of rejected lampshades, and Sonja is being stalked by a scorned summer wardrobe. We don’t like it.
When we talk about remarketing, we mean the practice used [...]

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Where are you on your content marketing journey?

8 June 2015

The path to content nirvana is rarely smooth
Marketing with valuable content is a simple idea, but tough to make work on the ground. The journey – from the decision to focus your efforts on sharing the kind of content your customers are looking for, to the point at which they choose to do business with [...]

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