Ever sat in a lecture and felt yourself drifting off? Stuck at the back of the room while the lecturer drones on and on down at the front. You know that you’re just one face in a crowd, and surely no one will notice if you close your eyes for a second…..zzzzzzz.  It’s easy to do.

Now try and remember the last time you nodded off while you were chatting with a friend. Conversations with people we like are rarely soporific. We don’t fall asleep because we’re involved in the conversation – listening intently, asking questions, and sharing jokes keeps us alert.

You want your writing to feel like the conversation with a friend, not a lecture from a distant expert.  So how do you do that? How can you write so that readers stick with you? [click to continue…]


Do you need a social media strategy or a content strategy?

28 January 2016

Social media strategy or content strategy? Both? Neither? I don’t know! Is this a trick question?

Some people will argue that they’re one and the same thing, but we see them differently.
It’s social media that usually throws up the issue. ‘We don’t know what to say on Twitter’ often highlights the need for a strategy, [...]

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2016 – predictions, trends and wishes for your marketing this year

20 January 2016

Crystal balls and magic wands – our expert friends give their hopes and predictions for marketing in 2016.
Yup, it’s that time of the year again. In last year’s Valuable Content crystal ball gazing post our panel of experts predicted more intelligent and creative content, the resurgence of traditional marketing methods and the death of [...]

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Take flight with your content this year

7 January 2016

If, like many business owners and marketers, content is top of your list of things to get better at this year, then this post is for you.
You’re not alone. This week we kicked off a quick survey to see what is at the top of small business’ marketing To Do list at the start of [...]

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Creative inspiration from Radix Communications – Gold Valuable Content Award winners 2015

21 December 2015

Award-winning content – you’ll have heard this before. But mostly you’re presented with examples from massive consumer brands with Coca-Cola sized marketing budgets. Difficult to glean what to take from that if you’re a hard-working smaller B2B firm, bootstrapping your way to business success.
Well, here’s a small creative UK service firm getting its content so [...]

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Life lessons from surprising places – notes from a year of learning

18 December 2015

Sometimes life-changing pivotal moments are immediately clear. Others creep up on you and only come into focus in retrospect. Looking back over the year is a good time to reflect. It’s like switching on a chain of fairy lights. Suddenly you can see all the points of light, and the pattern that connects them.
We’ve witnessed [...]

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What content has worked best of all in 2015?

9 December 2015

As you look back over your year of content creation are there any pieces that jump out at you? Was there something that flew higher and further than you were expecting or opened exciting new doors for your business?
We’ve seen some fabulous content this year, but what content has proved most valuable and why? As [...]

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What makes a good content marketer?

10 November 2015

What makes a good content marketer? Millions of words have been written about the crucial sharp-edged skills that help digital marketers – strategic thinking, the determination to follow a process driven approach, a single minded focus on ROI and measuring what matters – but far less is said about the softer skills.
Here’s my take on [...]

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The Insider’s Guide to the Land of Content

21 October 2015

Where are you on your content marketing journey now?
Earlier this year we created a handy map as a guide for our Content Group. Our goal was to help people visualise the journey to content marketing success, pinpointing where they are now so the steps to move forward are clearer. We’ve pulled out that map many [...]

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The 3 ridiculously simple secrets to content marketing success

15 October 2015

Want to make content marketing work for you? It’s not as complicated as you think. Understand these three ridiculously simple secrets and everything should start to click into place.

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Lessons in business, content and design from my first visit to America

9 October 2015

The best and biggest inspiration often comes when you remove yourself from the day to day, don’t you find?
On Monday I gave a talk on content strategy at the HOW Interactive Design Conference in Chicago – I know, Chicago! Check me! I’ve never visited the United States before so I was seriously excited about [...]

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