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No advertising, no sponsorship – just great service, fabulous content and live engagement via social media. We are delighted to present our latest Valuable Content Award to the brilliant BeerBods team.

From shed to business

BeerBods’ founder Matt Lane had his first experience of beer at a youngish age, at his dad’s pigeon racing club. When he got to university he was drinking quality old man’s ale when most of his peers were necking snakebite. Matt took on the challenge of educating them to drink better beer. He set up a beer club in his garden shed and held weekly tasting sessions of independent ales. His friends loved it. What if he could use the internet to make that shed his business?

In 2011 Matt set out on his mission to turn the beer club into a fully-fledged online business. He diligently wrote a list of what was needed, then decided to forget all but the last item – ‘find customers’. On a shoestring budget he put up a one page website describing the beer club idea with a call to sign up if interested. Good people tweeted about it and 250 people signed up in 24 hours. He had customers! Admittedly he didn’t have stock, a warehouse or even a license – but he did have a great idea and an audience ready to buy.

BeerBods was born. Membership grew steadily, fuelled not by pots of advertising cash but by social media and ‘decent content’ <- Matt’s words, I’d term it GREAT.

Here is the BeerBods story, with masses of ideas to inspire us to create the type of marketing that customers adore. [click to continue…]


Remarketing sucks

23 June 2015

If you spend any time at all online, then remarketing is unlikely to have escaped your notice. I’m currently being chased round the internet by a pair of rejected lampshades, and Sonja is being stalked by a scorned summer wardrobe. We don’t like it.
When we talk about remarketing, we mean the practice used [...]

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Where are you on your content marketing journey?

8 June 2015

The path to content nirvana is rarely smooth
Marketing with valuable content is a simple idea, but tough to make work on the ground. The journey – from the decision to focus your efforts on sharing the kind of content your customers are looking for, to the point at which they choose to do business with [...]

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Why small businesses can produce better content than the big guys

12 May 2015

Small business owners, we salute you!
Small and medium sized businesses are vital to the economy here in the UK. They account for 99.9% of private sector companies and provide 60% of private sector jobs. These enterprises have an important role to play in driving growth, opening new markets and creating jobs. But that’s not why [...]

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Building team spirit – a content marketing culture

11 May 2015

Getting your business marketing with valuable content invariably means big change. It relies on people doing things differently. If you’re the one driving this new content marketing approach in a business with a few people or more then you’ll need to inspire people from across the company to learn new skills, take on new roles [...]

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How do small businesses use social media? Survey results.

29 April 2015

Social media has become part of every day life for many small business owners. Being on Twitter is almost as common as having a telephone on your desk was twenty years ago. But while it’s become the norm, social media is still a bit of a murky world. There are so many channels, and [...]

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How startup firm Wriggle got its social media mix right

20 April 2015

Getting going with social media is on most business to-do lists. But with so many platforms to choose from, how do you pick the right ones for your audience? And how do you make your chosen channels work well for you?
Wriggle is a mobile app that offers immediate dining and event discounts at independent eateries [...]

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Should every business owner learn to write content?

14 April 2015

If you’re running a business in 2015 it’s more than likely you’ll have heard that content matters. Blogging, tweeting, sharing video, sending out email newsletters – sharing valuable content as an approach to marketing a business is definitely all the rage.
But who should write it?
You might have heard stories of business leaders who have blogged [...]

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Content strategy vs. content marketing strategy – who cares?

12 April 2015

What’s the difference between content strategy and content marketing strategy? Sounds like a bad joke doesn’t it? And frankly it is, in normal life, but not in content land. It’s a topic that can get the content-focused world all steamed up, confused and tetchy.
I’ve struggled with the need for this distinction. From where I [...]

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What’s stopping you? How to overcome your content block

1 April 2015

Your bookshelf is groaning with business marketing books and your Twitter stream is full of experts telling you what to do. You know you need to be doing something different with your content if you want better results from your marketing. So what’s stopping you? Why is it so hard to change?
There is huge frustration [...]

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How to (re)connect with social media in 2015

26 March 2015

Up until this week, we’ve been pretty quiet on the social media front on this blog. It is a vital element in the valuable content universe of course, but the last time we wrote a post specifically on social media was back in 2012. I think it’s because social networking has become so much part [...]

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