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Share valuable content and the right people will be drawn to your business. But what content should you create and how do you get the message out?

We provide strategic content marketing advice and support, and group training programmes in a pub (yes, Pub School!) – the catalyst and confidence to get your content right.

What’s your challenge?

What’s our message?

How do we describe what we do?

Unearth the differentiating message and story at the heart of all you do.

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Creating valuable content

What do we talk about?

How to create quality content that customers love.

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What to say on our website

What content, where?

Get your web content right to build trust and drive sales.

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Meet Sonja & Sharon

Want to get your message straight and your content and website working for your business? Not easy but you’re not alone.

“When it comes to digital marketing there are loads of commentators that talk a good game, but Sonja and Sharon help you make it happen.” Chris Williams, Founder, Wealth Horizon

How we can help

Content Lab

Hands on coaching & support

Get your content right

Hire Sonja & Sharon to help with your message and marketing.

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Pub School

Content mastermind groups

Leap into action with confidence

Small group learning programmes in the best pub in Bristol.

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Content marketing training

Skill yourself right up!

The inspiration & knowledge you need to make your content work.

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Make quality content your key to success

Sold in 26 countries

Valuable Content Marketing
“This book has become my best friend. Sonja and Sharon have made the world of content marketing accessible and do able and not at all as daunting as I thought.”           Jo, on Amazon, 2015

Content stories

“Focusing on our content strategy has helped us take the right marketing action, with confidence. It’s working for SRA Books.”

Sue Richardson, Founder, SRA Books

Free resources

Loads of free tools and goodies in the school cupboard to help you on your content journey.

  • Maps and guides
  • Workbooks and checklists
  • Content planners and more

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