Not more clients, but the right ones

by Sharon Tanton on April 15, 2014

Social media is crowded, use your content to find the right clients

Forget the crowd, use your content to find the one

I’ll let you in on a secret. All this time we’ve been telling you how creating valuable content will win you more clients, but that’s not its real super power. In fact, if you get your content really spot on it may well attract fewer clients. That’s the secret.

Fewer? Yes, but the right ones.  Let me explain.

Valuable content as a filter, not just a magnet

In recent years, content marketing has been seen by many as a fantastic way to get your message out to as many people as possible. Businesses saw viral video as the holy grail of marketing success – your message being seen by millions, without having to pay huge advertising budget prices. Content marketing and social media has stretched the potential reach for your message far beyond what was possible five years ago. You can write something now that could be read all over the world in the next five minutes.

The possibilities are intoxicating, but the trouble is, the world’s got rather drunk on them.

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VC Award for the Nokia Transitions project – content with substance that strikes the right note

30 March 2014

In our articles this month we’ve talked a lot about how to write content that absolutely hits the spot so you build interest and most importantly trust in what you have to sell. It’s struck me that when it comes to creating content that people genuinely value and respond to, the most critical factor is [...]

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Yes, but what IS valuable content?

25 March 2014

What is valuable content?
This question was put to us by a new client, and it’s pulled us up in our tracks. After writing the book, and talking and blogging about creating valuable content for years, we thought we’d nailed the answer to that one.
It’s made us realise the value of being really clear about [...]

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How to pack a punch with your writing

19 March 2014

It’s good to be able to vary your copy style - different styles for different tasks.
Deep level service pages or white papers, for example, are a place where people will be looking for detail, and will expect to find copy that lays out your process or explains the nitty gritty of how your products work.
Your home [...]

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How to get the tone of your writing very wrong indeed

14 March 2014

Getting the right tone of voice for your communications and content is one of the trickiest aspects of business writing. It’s very easy to get it wrong.
The advertisement above is for a bank. The one that used to like to say ‘yes’ like a grown up bank manager, but now is saying ‘but, hey, that’s [...]

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How to keep writing when you are rushed off your feet

13 March 2014

I’m writing this from my bed in the Premier Inn, with a misty view over the Albert Dock in Liverpool. It’s 6am, and I really did have a great night’s sleep – just like they guaranteed. Which is lucky, because this week is absolutely bonkers: workshop in Bristol on Monday; writing frenetically on Tuesday whilst [...]

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How to get 85% more content out of the door each month

8 March 2014

According to a recent study, ‘producing enough content‘ is one of the top marketing challenges facing B2B firms. Everyone is so busy these days – how do you get the volume of content you need out of the door, consistently, month on month?
Here’s how US web development firm Newfangled does it. I’m an [...]

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Down amongst the words

7 March 2014

One of the things we hear a lot is “it’s easy for you to write a blog, you’re a writer. I work in IT/law/accountancy – I couldn’t possibly do it.”
So, as part of our series of articles to help you write better content, we’re handing over to our friend Chris who writes a very [...]

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How to get your content heard above the roar

14 February 2014

Content, content everywhere – it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of it all, and by the scale of the task of trying to make your mark in a loud and crowded market.
Just how do you make sure YOUR content gets heard above the noise?
Here’s what it takes to succeed with content marketing. [...]

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Valuable Content Award for Alan at the Environment Agency – a lifeline social media feed

12 February 2014

This month’s Valuable Content Award goes to one very special person at the Environment Agency, Alan Atkin aka
It’s an award sparked by a personal story – Sonja’s mum and dad are two of the thousands of people in the UK struggling with the rising water. They live on a flooded island in the middle of [...]

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Why we hate Valentine’s Day

9 February 2014

Sitting at a table for two on the evening of February 14th ought to be romantic, but it very often isn’t. Just one glance across at the other couples sitting in awkward silence as they go through the motions of the whole Valentine’s thing is enough to suck the romance out of even the wildest [...]

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