Have a fantastic summer!

by Sonja Jefferson on July 29, 2014

Relax, have fun, slow down. It can wait.

With the sun shining and the temperature in the office rising we’re taking some time off posting to gather our thoughts. You could call it slow content, or you could call it a content holiday. However you phrase it, we hope you do the same, and have a truly fantastic summer.

We’ll leave you with some pictures of our amazing city and look forward to coming back refreshed in September.

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7 things I’ve learned about content marketing

22 July 2014

Musings of a content marketing newbie, including why online guru Seth Godin is wrong!

Lucy Rodrick is a super-smart history undergraduate student from Bristol University considering a career in marketing. She’s been on work experience with us for the last few weeks and we’ve loved having her around. Here are a few ideas Lucy’s picked up [...]

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Web 1.0 to 3.0 – the evolution of the professional services website

20 July 2014

Websites have come a long way in the last few years haven’t they, with the advent of blogs, then social media and now mobile. I’ve been watching the evolution of professional service firm sites with particular interest as a lot of our clients are in this space. Some of the big firms are getting it [...]

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Shock news! Content marketing has a hidden agenda

14 July 2014

Have you heard the rumour? We hardly dare say it but …. shhhh….come a little closer, we’ll whisper it quietly…‘content marketing’ is just a front!’
We think it’s time to strip away the mask of marketing jargon and reveal content marketing’s true identity. For this is the foot soldier of a far wider-reaching business campaign– [...]

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How content marketing has filled IT firm Desynit’s pipeline with a flood of inbound leads

3 July 2014

Should you give a Valuable Content Award to one of your own clients? If they’ve taken your advice and run with it, taking it further and making their content greater than you’d ever have imagined then YES – I think you definitely should.
We are overjoyed to present the latest Valuable Content Award to the team [...]

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The power of illustration (or how stock shots are killing your content)

17 June 2014

Our most recent blog post, illustrated with the finished version of the image above, has been flying round the web this week. That post has something in common with our most widely read post of all time. Both featured original illustrations by our brilliant designer Lizzie Everard.
The success of both these posts has got me thinking about [...]

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Planning your content marketing A-Team

5 June 2014

A couple of years ago the question people were asking us is ‘what is content marketing?‘ Now the question is more likely to be ‘how do I make content marketing work?‘ Getting the right people on board is a key step in that process. We’ve put names to faces to show you the roles you [...]

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Content marketing and the Bank of Trust

31 May 2014

This is the third post in our series on selling with content. Introducing copywriting supremo Andy Maslen. Here Andy looks at an important question for every professional seller – how to use content to approach your email list. We love the Bank of Trust analogy and hope it makes you think too. Over to Andy.
Making [...]

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Valuable Content Marketing wins international Small Business Book award

30 May 2014

We’re thrilled to let you know that the Valuable Content Marketing book has won the Community Award for marketing book of the year in the Small Biz Book Awards. These international awards celebrate the best business books written for entrepreneurs and small business owners.  The results of the community vote were announced yesterday morning, with [...]

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Feel-good marketing

23 May 2014

Is that possible? Marketing that makes you feel good?
Many people feel a bit uncomfortable around the idea of marketing. Some go further and positively hate it.
A new client of ours – the head of a very successful consultancy – has shied away from marketing for years because it just feels intrinsically wrong. To him, marketing [...]

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Valuable Content Award for Velocity – for unbelievably confident B2B content

30 April 2014

There is so much to learn from Velocity Partners. You might say, hey VC, that’s cheating! A content award for a content marketing agency! Their content is bound to be good! And you’d be right. It does have to be good, but it’s way better than that.
We love it for its attitude as well as [...]

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