Why content marketing would never work on The Apprentice

by Sharon Tanton on October 16, 2014

The Apprentice is back. Brimming with bad behaviour, ridiculous posturing, and unbelievably awful one-liners, (fave so far ‘There are no ‘i’s in team, but there are five in individual brilliance”) it’s as compelling as ever. Even though it has us shouting at the screen ‘Bring some nice makeup? Wear high heels? Did feminism never happen?’ we’ll be watching all the way.

But the series comes as we’re deep into writing the second edition of the Valuable Content Marketing book, and we’re thinking hard about who the book is for, and what kinds of businesses will really be able to make content marketing fly.  So one thing that’s resounding as loudly for us as Stephen’s passive aggressive huffing, or Lord Sugar’s clunky jokes, is that content marketing definitely isn’t an approach that would work on The Apprentice. Here’s why.  [click to continue…]


How to run a content planning meeting (and have some fun)

9 October 2014

If you’re serious about making this content marketing thing work for your business then you’ll need to give it some regular attention. We’ve found that one of the best steps you can put in place to maintain your commitment is a regular content planning meeting (sometimes known as an editorial meeting). It’s a fantastic way [...]

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Marketing people love?

26 September 2014

I wonder what you really think about marketing. Is it a concept you embrace, naturally, or does the thought of it somehow leave you cold?
Ian is a client of ours – the founder of a 100-person consultancy firm. He has never been a big marketing fan. His fantastic business has grown organically, largely driven by [...]

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5 simple ways to grab (and keep) the attention of Generation Y

19 September 2014

Alice Hankin is a super-savvy Bristol University English Literature student who’s been doing some work experience with us this week. Her blog shares the secrets of talking to Gen Y and her tips are great for keeping the attention of lots of readers, even people as old as us!

Growing up in an increasingly digital [...]

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Your email newsletter is NOT direct email marketing

15 September 2014

Is all email marketing the same? Do the same rules apply for every piece of email content you send?
Your email newsletter is part of your marketing mix – so it’s email marketing. Right? Well, yes and no. They’re the same but different, and they require a different tone. Here’s why it’s important to separate email [...]

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How to pinpoint your content sweet spot

8 September 2014

Getting your central message right
So you have a blog, a Twitter feed, a YouTube channel; your e-newsletter is ready to go. But what are you going to say?
Creating content without having a really secure understanding of what you want to be known for will never really bring you the business results you crave.  A solid [...]

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Communicate like you’re still on holiday

2 September 2014

If you’re back at your desk after taking some time off you may well be feeling a little disconnected. Once you’ve waded through the sea of emails, you could well be wondering what it is you’re actually doing there!
Before you dive completely back into the old routine it’s worth holding onto this holiday feeling for [...]

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7 things I’ve learned about content marketing

22 July 2014

Musings of a content marketing newbie, including why online guru Seth Godin is wrong!

Lucy Rodrick is a super-smart history undergraduate student from Bristol University considering a career in marketing. She’s been on work experience with us for the last few weeks and we’ve loved having her around. Here are a few ideas Lucy’s picked up [...]

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Web 1.0 to 3.0 – the evolution of the professional services website

20 July 2014

Websites have come a long way in the last few years haven’t they, with the advent of blogs, then social media and now mobile. I’ve been watching the evolution of professional service firm sites with particular interest as a lot of our clients are in this space. Some of the big firms are getting it [...]

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Shock news! Content marketing has a hidden agenda

14 July 2014

Have you heard the rumour? We hardly dare say it but …. shhhh….come a little closer, we’ll whisper it quietly…‘content marketing’ is just a front!’
We think it’s time to strip away the mask of marketing jargon and reveal content marketing’s true identity. For this is the foot soldier of a far wider-reaching business campaign– [...]

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How content marketing has filled IT firm Desynit’s pipeline with a flood of inbound leads

3 July 2014

Should you give a Valuable Content Award to one of your own clients? If they’ve taken your advice and run with it, taking it further and making their content greater than you’d ever have imagined then YES – I think you definitely should.
We are overjoyed to present the latest Valuable Content Award to the team [...]

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