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Is this you?

If your business lives by the strength of its knowledge and expertise, then you’ve come to the right place. If you’re frustrated at being a ‘best kept secret’, and want to up your profile and reach, we’re here to help.

We’ll show you how to position your business from the outside in, and use content as a catalyst for customer-focused change – for more of the right business, a loyal client-base and marketing that feels right too. 

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What’s your challenge?

What’s our message?

How do we position what we do?

Unearth the differentiating message and purpose at the heart of all you do.

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Content marketing strategy

How do we get the word out?

How do we create valuable content that connects and pulls the right people towards us?

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What to say on our website?

What content, where?

Get your web content right to spark connections, build trust and drive sales.

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Customer stories

Wealth Horizon

Launching Wealth Horizon

A story, website & content to disrupt the status quo and launch this fintech start up.

Wealth Horizon’s story

SRA Books

New marketing push for SRA Books

How Sue and team embedded content marketing as a growth strategy via Pub School.

SRA Books’ story

Project One

Purpose-led change for Project One

Aligning Project One’s story, content and marketing around a motivating purpose.

Project One’ story

How we can help you

Learn as a group


Take action on your message, content & marketing in the best pub in Bristol. Expert guidance from Sonja and Sharon, with the support of a group of like-minded business owners.

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One-to-one support


Strategic and creative help to shape your message, website and content marketing. Research-based advice to drive long-term, customer-focused change that strengthens your business.

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Marketing people love

In a noisy world the businesses that shine tell stories that live in our hearts as well as our heads. Their marketing is never pompous, invasive or manipulative. It turns conventional wisdom on its head – helping over selling, connecting over closing, serving a niche community rather than shouting to the anonymous masses. We’re on a mission to help good businesses flourish with marketing people love – content that customers value & you’re proud to share. Are you with us?

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Latest thoughts

How we won (and lost) business this year

What’s worked best when it comes to lead generation in 2017; and what’s bombed? What can we learn when it comes to marketing and selling next year? Here’s Valuable Content’s end of year business development report, warts and all.

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We wrote this book

Valuable Content Marketing – make quality content your key to success

Sold in 26 countries

“This book has become my best friend. Sonja and Sharon have made the world of content marketing accessible and do able and not at all as daunting as I thought.”           Jo, on Amazon, 2015

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As well as our blog you’ll find loads of free tools and goodies in the store cupboard to help you on your valuable marketing journey.

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