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If you want to get the most from your digital marketing then you’ve come to the right place. We are uber-excited about the power of great content to help good businesses fly and we’d love to spread the content love your way.

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We’re on a mission to help good businesses fly by showing you how to create and share content that customers love (and you’re proud to share). Come and join the party.

Valuable Content is a specialist digital marketing and training business based in Bristol UK. Run by Sonja Jefferson and Sharon Tanton, authors of the best-selling Valuable Content Marketing book, we’re a two-woman band (with some great support behind us). We’ve spent the last 15 years at the coalface of content marketing, helping hundreds of businesses – big and small – to flourish with this powerful marketing approach.

Never knowingly under-enthused, we can’t wait to show you how to create and use valuable content to get better results from your website, sales and social media activity. If you want someone to guide you through the content strategy process to drive measurable results, we could be just what you need.

So if you want to get clear on what content to write, how to write it, and how to join the dots to make the valuable content marketing approach work for you, then make yourself at home and read on.

(If marketing makes you feel a bit icky then stick around too. We’ve turned many a grumpy marketing cynic into a shiny content marketing supremo and you could be next.)

How we can help you

  • Get hands on help with your message, content and website with Content Lab
  • Learn in a group. Powerful content mastermind programmes at Pub School
  • Practical content marketing training through our workshops and online courses

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Our story

The Valuable Content story started in 1999 when Sonja escaped from the world of corporate selling and started her own content business. An early adopter of the blogging and social media, Sonja set out to help professional businesses win work through valuable content published on the web.

Sharon joined Sonja in 2010 from a background in television research, teaching and copywriting, full of zeal to help businesses tell better stories in a more human and interesting way.

We can’t remember exactly where we first met. It might have been the school playground, or more likely it was in the best pub in Bristol – The Lion in Cliftonwood – which still plays a big part in our story, as the home of Pub School. After collaborating on some big content projects we wrote the first book together – and survived to tell the tale – and the rest is VC history.

Some brilliant people and companies have been part of our journey over the years, giving us lots of practical experience helping businesses to launch and grow by sharing valuable content across the web and social media.

Highlights include launching the multi-award-winning Wealth Horizon, leading the development of the University of Bristol’s first content strategy,  helping businesses on the island of Lanzarote to collaborate on content so the whole island benefits, and creating an online social media course via the Digital Business Academy, part of the UK government’s Tech City initiative.

And now we’ve distilled all we’ve learnt about how to make content marketing work into actionable courses and workshops. At the School of Valuable Content you can learn how to use content to win the work you want and build a business you love. We believe that loving what you do is the secret to a happy life. We hope you’ll join our tribe, and that we can help you too.

“If you’re looking for advice on how to go about content marketing, how to approach the subject, then Sonja can help.

If you want some great words written that help you make your ideas accessible and create an emotional connection with your audience, Sharon can help.

Between the two of them they’ve got it nailed.”

Geoff Mason

Content Director, Project One

Sonja Jefferson

Sonja is a content marketing consultant, speaker and trainer.

Sonja is the founder and strategic brain behind Valuable Content. She gets a buzz from helping business owners to find what it is they want to say, and she’d love to make Bristol the content capital of the UK.


more about Sonja

Sharon Tanton

Sharon is a creative content writer and teacher.

She’s the creative spirit at Valuable Content. On a mission to stamp out factory-farmed marketing and business gobbledygook, Sharon would like more companies to be human and lovable.


more about Sharon

The first steps in your journey to better content

The quickest way to find your feet is to help yourself to the free articles and resources on this website, or read our book.

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And of course we’d love you to come on one of our courses or hire us if you need expert help. The path to success with valuable content is such an exciting journey.

We’d be honoured to be your guides.

Sonja and Sharon

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“When it comes to digital marketing there are loads of commentators that talk a good game, but Sonja and Sharon help you make it happen. They have enabled me, coached me and given me the confidence to share Wealth Horizon’s story widely. It’s engaging customers and industry commentators alike, and bringing our new business great results. If you want to make your website and content work then you’re in the right hands with Valuable Content.”

Chris Williams

Founder, Wealth Horizon

“We are finding that the work we have done with Sonja and Valuable Content has greatly increased our brand awareness. Now people are coming to us instead of us always going to them.”

Dave James

MD, Ascentor

“Thanks so much for the workshop yesterday. EVERYONE found it valuable and on point so it’s all been very worthwhile.”

Calvin Lau

Product Marketing Manager - Think with Google, Google

“We learned what prospects needed from an IT firm and translated that into a strong brand identity that underpins all our content, including blogs, guides, infographics, social, slide sets, video and now podcasts. Our website traffic has more than tripled, and it’s going up all the time. Thanks to Valuable Content we now have a strong, consistent pipeline of sales opportunities that we never had before.”

Amy Grenham

Head of marketing, Desynit

“If you care about marketing and want to do it properly, you’re in the right place and in the best of hands.”

Doug Kessler

Creative Director, Velocity Partners Ltd

“Valuable Content gives us confidence that we’re doing the right things when it comes to our content marketing. They make sure we keep that ‘outside-in’ perspective, always communicating from the customer perspective, so we make an emotional connection through the content we create. They challenge and encourage us to do the best we can and set the bar very high. Our content is more valuable as a result.”

Geoff Mason

Content Director, Project One