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We help good businesses flourish with great content

About valuable content

Put valuable content to work for your business

We’re on a mission to help good businesses fly by creating and sharing valuable content. We are a specialist content marketing consultancy and training firm with a determined focus on helping independent businesses to make the changes they need to win with their marketing.

Run by Sonja Jefferson and Sharon Tanton, authors of the best-selling Valuable Content Marketing book, we are essentially a two-woman band (with some great support behind us). Based in Bristol, UK we are consultants, trainers and writers.

Together we have worked on hundreds of websites and content marketing projects, for businesses across the UK, Europe and US. Our experience at the coalface of the content marketing revolution, helping ambitious companies to attract and win the business they want, shapes our unique perspective of what works and what doesn’t today.

How we can help you

We offer advice and coaching, writing and training services to help you get clear on what content to write and how to write it, and how to join the dots to make this powerful marketing approach really work for your business. We’d love to guide you through the process so you drive the business results you need.

  • Hire us - content marketing strategy, consultancy and content planning, website guidance and writing support for your high value content.
  • Learn from us - practical and inspiring content marketing workshops and training courses for you and your team.

Are we right for you?

If you are experts in your field, selling services or complex products, doing great work but struggling to spread that message wide, then we may well be able to help. Our sweet spot is working with B2B, knowledge-based business: we are especially good with consultancy and creative firms, or interesting tech services. Untangling a complex proposition and turning it into a story and content that resonates is what we do best.

We get excited by the prospect of working with:

  • Determined small to mid-sized businesses walking their own path.
  • Passionate business owners who want to change the world a bit (or their part of it).
  • Fired up sales and marketing teams ready to roll up their sleeves and work for the long term to create the best and most compelling content that will help their customers and drive their business to the next level.

What we really want to do is make a difference that matters.

If this sounds like you we’d love to see if we can help.

The Valuable Content team


Valuable Content’s founder Sonja Jefferson is a content marketing strategist, helping you win more of the right business by making your marketing valuable.

Sonja gets to the heart of your message, showing you how to get the best out of digital marketing methods; creating high performing websites and content strategies.

More about Sonja here.

Sharon Tanton


Creative Director Sharon Tanton is a wordsmith and business storyteller, helping you uncover and communicate your business story and create high value content that gets that message across.

Sharon makes your content and marketing more loveable, helping professional businesses to create exciting standout brands.

More about Sharon here.

Transform your marketing with Valuable Content

To see if we are the right people to work with you do get in touch for an informal chat – sonja@valuablecontent.co.uk or call on 0117 9290414. If we’re not right we can usually recommend someone who is!

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