Sharon Tanton

Business storyteller

Sharon Tanton is Creative Director and chief wordsmith here at Valuable Content.

Co-author of the Valuable Content Marketing book, she is a copywriter by trade with a background in telling business stories.  Sharon has worked in radio, television, and magazine features. Before linking up with Sonja at Valuable Content, she was Brand Manager at an award-winning Bristol communications consultancy.  She helps companies get their stories straight, and tell them in ways that audiences appreciate.

Sharon makes your marketing loveable, helping professional businesses to create exciting, stand-out brands. There’s nothing she likes better than untangling a complex proposition and coming up with a narrative that resonates with customers.

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What her clients say

“Insightful, quick and creative, Sharon takes the time to understand us as an agency. We’ve worked with her on a number of client projects, including work for Sainsbury’s, Bottelino’s and the Paljakka Resort Hotel – the development of large resort in Finland. She has written copy for brochures, websites, newsletters and branding material. Her editorial support with presentations has led to us landing a very big new client. Sharon’s currently working on Creation’s new identity, and I’m looking forward to a long working relationship together.”

Nick Wood, Director, Creation Design and Communications

“Thanks to Valuable Content, the Coull website is now a resource hub and the roadmap is in place so that we can scale that up in terms of adding great content. Sharon was able to edit vast swathes of content and make it easy to understand for the audience.”

Dan Madden, head of marketing, Coull

“Sharon is a talented copywriter and creator of compelling creative messages.  I’ve been really impressed by her ability to present complex and often highly technical products and services in a matter of fact, easy to digest and understand way.”

Richard Dennys, Director at

Sharon’s approach

To give you a bit of background here’s a quick interview with Sharon.

Sum up your approach to marketing:

“Know your audience. Tell a story. Be true.”

Describe your career path:

“I’ve worked in lots of wordy places on my way to working with Sonja. English degree, local radio, BBC Radio Times, TV researcher, English teacher, brand manager in a Communications agency. They’ve all been about getting messages across – grabbing attention and making people listen.”

Three words to describe you?

“Thinks she’s funny”

Biggest frustration in marketing land?

“Jargon. Writing that isn’t clear. Pop up ads.”

Biggest kick you get out of work?

“Translating ideas into great copy. Making something complicated appear straightforward. Seeing words and images come together and knowing it’s going to work.”

How can clients get the most out of working with you?

“Give me lots of background information, talk about what they want to achieve, have clear aims, be open to ideas.”

What did you want to be when you grew up?

“Mrs Simon le Bon”

Twitter or Facebook?

“Too much of both”

Where would you prefer to be right now?

“Walking the dog somewhere wild and woody with my family. Driving across the Sahara desert with Bill. About to eat a fabulous meal with my friends. Any of the above.”

Favourite clients

“Have a fondness for collaborating with great designers – love words and pictures working brilliantly together. People with a genuine and infectious enthusiasm for their business. Clients that truly understand the importance of great writing, and so value my work. Hey, we all want to be loved.”

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