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Coaching and hands-on help with your marketing

What’s the best way to market your business and get the message out? What exactly should you talk about on your website? How do you describe what you do so that the right customers are drawn to you? What’s the core message that underpins everything your business says and does, and how do you communicate it?

Content Lab: hire us to help you get your marketing right

Are you an owner, leader or marketing professional in a business selling a complex service or product, wanting to get your marketing straight in a way that connects with customers and employees alike? We offer strategic coaching to help your thinking and expert content writing support too – we call this service Content Lab.

As a Content Lab customer you’ll work directly with Sonja and Sharon to uncover your message and communicate it effectively through the content you create and share – on your website, via social media, and in person.

Invaluable support at the start of any new business development push or website project, it’ll gives you a powerful outside-in view of your business based on our unique method that blends real client research with web storytelling, strategic content marketing know-how and expert copywriting assistance.

We’ll help you engage the wider team and embed the new message and business development approach too.

We have a new message, brand, website and content that we are all so proud of. And it’s driving fantastic results. We couldn’t have done it without Sonja and Sharon.

Geoff Mason

Content Director, Project One

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How we help you:

  • You tell us what you’re looking to achieve for the business
  • We advise you on the best approach to your marketing and content to help you drive long term sales success
  • We research and write your business story – a clear message that articulates what you do, based on market research and direct feedback from telephone interviews with clients, prospects and your team
  • Sonja guides you on your content strategy – what to say in your blogs, guides, videos and how to take the message out via your website, social media, email and direct channels, and how to measure results.
  • Sharon writes your core messages, web pages and social profiles, and key content assets as required.
  • Once the foundation is set, we offer long term support as your content partners as required, plus training for you and your team on business development, content planning and writing so you learn how to do it yourselves.

Build your website and marketing on firm foundations

Content Lab sets you up for business development success. Sonja and Sharon will give you a firm foundation for your website – so you’re crystal clear on what to say and how to say it online. With our help you’ll build a website that will deliver results from day one.

How long will it take?

Approximately two to three months. We’ll ask for access to a cross section of your customers and leaders for telephone interviews, and time with you for planning and feedback.

How much does it cost?

Our average project fees are £7-10K depending on size of website and scale of client research for launch.

Impact on your business

You get a website and content that supports the sales process – driving more leads, referrals and sales. You’ll feel a new confidence and pride in the business, making it easier for you to attract the right clients and staff. The website will save you time – more of the right sales conversations.

If you look at where we’ve come from and where we are now, it’s a quantum leap. We’ve got a website that really supports us all the way through the sales funnel.

Amy Grenham

Head of Marketing, Desynit

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Is Content Lab right for me?

✓ Yes, if you have a website project looming and you don’t know how your new site should be structured to attract the right customers

✓ Yes, if you’re not clear on what content you should be sharing on your website.

✓ Yes, if want help articulating your business story in a customer-focused way

✓ Yes, if you want one-to-one content strategy support for your business

✓ Yes, if you need expert copywriting support, and bespoke content creation for your website

✓ Yes, if you’re happy for us to talk to a range of your customers

✓ Yes, if you and your team are happy to get involved in the process – we’ll do the work but we need your input too

✓ Yes, if you have the budget to commit to getting this right

Hear from our customers

“They have enabled me, coached me and given me the confidence to share Wealth Horizon’s story widely. It’s engaging customers and industry commentators alike, and bringing our new business great results.”

Chris Williams, founder of Wealth Horizon Read Wealth Horizon’s content marketing story

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Thanks to the work with Valuable Content on our website, content and brand, we’ve gone from being relatively unknown outside the customers we’re working with at the time to being known about far more widely in the wider market. We now have a consistent message and distinctive way of describing what we do, with a library of valuable content to support sales conversations. We’re seeing more successful bids and we’re starting to see inbound leads from the right type of clients too. Overall there’s more confidence in the business – and a renewed pride in the Project One brand.

Geoff Mason

Content Director, Project One

The work we have done with Valuable Content has greatly increased our brand awareness. Now people are coming to us instead of us always going to them.

David James

MD, Ascentor

I hired Sonja and her team to help me develop the new website for The Get Real Project–one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Andrea P. Howe

Founder, The Get Real Project

What I love about Valuable Content’s work is that it is done with real integrity. They make no assumptions, and listen hard. Their research is rigorous, meaning that the content strategy they come up with is always genuinely valuable and written for the customer.

Bryony Thomas

Founder and author, Watertight Marketing