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Blogs and websites well worth reading:

  • Hinge Marketing’s blog: superb articles on marketing and branding for professional services firms @hingemarketing
  • Charles H Green’s Trust Matters blog:  the professional services guru and author of The Trusted Advisor, on the theme of trusted relationships in business @charleshgreen
  • Jim’s Marketing Blog: Jargon free marketing sense from the brilliant Jim Connolly @jimconnolly
  • Seth Godin’s blog: The most popular marketing blog in the world – for good reason @thisissethsblog
  • Remarkable Communication: Sonia Simone has pink hair and dispenses beautifully written and down-to-earth advice on matters of small business marketing. We like her style. @soniasimone
  • Mel Lester’s blog on all aspects of business development. He writes for architects and engineering firms but the advice he gives is absolutely relevant to all professional sectors. Worth subscribing to his newsletter – the best we have seen. Most definitely one of our valuable content heroes. @mellester
  • Thoughtful nuggets of intelligent advice for professional service firms on all aspects of sales and marketing strategy. @ianbrodie
  • watertight marketing advice, both strategic and tactical. @bryonythomas
  • Useful articles and resources on marketing and PR for small businesses.
  • Hub of articles, interviews, resources and regular webinars on how to grow your service business.

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