Why small businesses can produce better content than the big guys

12 May 2015

Small business owners, we salute you!
Small and medium sized businesses are vital to the economy here in the UK. They account for 99.9% of private sector companies and provide 60% of private sector jobs. These enterprises have an important role to play in driving growth, opening new markets and creating jobs. But that’s not why [...]

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Building team spirit – a content marketing culture

11 May 2015

Getting your business marketing with valuable content invariably means big change. It relies on people doing things differently. If you’re the one driving this new content marketing approach in a business with a few people or more then you’ll need to inspire people from across the company to learn new skills, take on new roles [...]

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How do small businesses use social media? Survey results.

29 April 2015

Social media has become part of every day life for many small business owners. Being on Twitter is almost as common as having a telephone on your desk was twenty years ago. But while it’s become the norm, social media is still a bit of a murky world. There are so many channels, and [...]

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How startup firm Wriggle got its social media mix right

20 April 2015

Getting going with social media is on most business to-do lists. But with so many platforms to choose from, how do you pick the right ones for your audience? And how do you make your chosen channels work well for you?
Wriggle is a mobile app that offers immediate dining and event discounts at independent eateries [...]

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Should every business owner learn to write content?

14 April 2015

If you’re running a business in 2015 it’s more than likely you’ll have heard that content matters. Blogging, tweeting, sharing video, sending out email newsletters – sharing valuable content as an approach to marketing a business is definitely all the rage.
But who should write it?
You might have heard stories of business leaders who have blogged [...]

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Content strategy vs. content marketing strategy – who cares?

12 April 2015

What’s the difference between content strategy and content marketing strategy? Sounds like a bad joke doesn’t it? And frankly it is, in normal life, but not in content land. It’s a topic that can get the content-focused world all steamed up, confused and tetchy.
I’ve struggled with the need for this distinction. From where I [...]

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What’s stopping you? How to overcome your content block

1 April 2015

Your bookshelf is groaning with business marketing books and your Twitter stream is full of experts telling you what to do. You know you need to be doing something different with your content if you want better results from your marketing. So what’s stopping you? Why is it so hard to change?
There is huge frustration [...]

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How to (re)connect with social media in 2015

26 March 2015

Up until this week, we’ve been pretty quiet on the social media front on this blog. It is a vital element in the valuable content universe of course, but the last time we wrote a post specifically on social media was back in 2012. I think it’s because social networking has become so much part [...]

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Who’s who at the great social media party?

26 March 2015

Twitter has the potential to be the best party you’ve even been to. Everyone you’ve ever wanted to meet is there, and you just don’t know who you might bump into next. People let their guard down, and the things that happen at this party even make the national news. So are you there?
We’ve been [...]

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Has social media had its chips?

25 March 2015

When it comes to the big social media platforms, I can’t count the number of conversations I’ve had with disgruntled people this year:
“I’m coming off Facebook”; “Twitter isn’t what it was”; “Google+ still feels like talking to an empty room” etc.
Have you heard this too?
What’s going on? Are the winds of change blowing when it [...]

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Slow down to speed up with your website project

16 March 2015

A good website is central to marketing success, yet many businesses end up with new sites that just aren’t up to the job. A common mistake is to leap straight in and start with design. But this design-first thinking can result in web projects that don’t deliver, and opportunities (and a lot of money) wasted.
Stop. [...]

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