Who’s who at the great social media party?

26 March 2015

Twitter has the potential to be the best party you’ve even been to. Everyone you’ve ever wanted to meet is there, and you just don’t know who you might bump into next. People let their guard down, and the things that happen at this party even make the national news. So are you there?
We’ve been [...]

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Has social media had its chips?

25 March 2015

When it comes to the big social media platforms, I can’t count the number of conversations I’ve had with disgruntled people this year:
“I’m coming off Facebook”; “Twitter isn’t what it was”; “Google+ still feels like talking to an empty room” etc.
Have you heard this too?
What’s going on? Are the winds of change blowing when it [...]

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Slow down to speed up with your website project

16 March 2015

A good website is central to marketing success, yet many businesses end up with new sites that just aren’t up to the job. A common mistake is to leap straight in and start with design. But this design-first thinking can result in web projects that don’t deliver, and opportunities (and a lot of money) wasted.
Stop. [...]

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Is this content valuable? A quick checklist.

26 February 2015

When you’re in the habit of creating valuable content you’ll find that there are no end of ideas you can come up with. But which ones should you invest time, money and effort in, and which should you reject?
Valuable to your business (in line with the business goals); valuable to your clients/customers (helps them solve [...]

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Making and breaking trust online

23 January 2015

It’s not always easy to build trust online, but it’s very easy to break it.
Last week I had an email from a marketing automation company. I usually ignore cold approach emails like this, but this one was written very warmly, and I replied. Rick and I had a friendly email chat, and agreed to reconnect [...]

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Businesses with purpose create better content

16 January 2015

Not ‘what’ but ‘why’
Finding your purpose is the very first stage in creating truly valuable content. Articulating and communicating why you do what you do is the foundation of successful content marketing today. Purpose helps you know what to say, and how to say it. It will shape your content strategy. Purpose is the [...]

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Marketing trends for 2015 – predictions from those who know

14 January 2015

It seems to us that 2014 was the year that content marketing really took off. It grew up, went mainstream, and the content flow became a content flood. Brands big and small climbed on board the content marketing bus, and it was quite a journey.
Some of the content was staggeringly brilliant – imaginative, inspiring, and [...]

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Planning your content for 2015? Start with the why.

5 January 2015

Where are you heading on your content journey in 2015?
We know that many of you made a big push with your content towards the end of 2014. Special mention has to go to Bryony Thomas for her Watertight Wonderland big giveaway, Christian Tait for his Social Media Madvent Calendar, Sugru for their 24 alternative Christmas [...]

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Valuable Content Award for Father Christmas

18 December 2014

Our final VC Award for 2014 goes to…Father Christmas
Father Christmas is the master of content marketing.
For spreading an idea far and wide, being generous, giving away stuff for free, and always showing up in the right place and the right time, he can’t be beaten.
Multi-channel, multi-format, Father Christmas has got it covered. Carols, films, books, [...]

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Sands Beach Resort wins Valuable Content Gold Award for 2014

16 December 2014

How many websites do you look at each year? Scary when you think about it isn’t it. Can’t imagine how many we’ve checked out in 2014 – certainly thousands, probably tens of thousands, more? We’ve sought them out for our own benefits – seeking answers, things to buy, places to go, people who can help [...]

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100 posters in 100 days. Valuable Content Award for JazzTypes from Mytton Williams

15 December 2014

How a personal creative project has proved the best marketing of all
Often the marketing that really flies starts life as something completely different. That’s how it was for Mytton Williams. JazzTypes was a creative experiment that’s taken this Bath design studio to surprising places and won them admirers and new clients along the way. Here’s [...]

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