Praise for the Valuable Content Marketing book

Lee Frederikson, managing partner at Hinge Marketing, author of Spiralling Up – how to create a high growth, high value professional services firm

“This is the clearest, most complete, and easiest to understand  book available on how to do content marketing the right way. If you follow Sonja and Sharon’s formula you will succeed.”

Valuable Content Marketing is just that…..valuable! It is destined to be a modern marketing classic. Buy this book before your competitors do or you will be sorry.”

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Christopher Butler, Chief Operating Officer at Newfangled Web Development

“If you’re getting started with content marketing, please check out the Valuable Content Marketing book and add it to your library. You’ll learn a lot, and hopefully enjoy the process.”

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Charles H. Green, author of The Trusted Advisor

“Valuable content is the focus of all successful marketing today.”

“In our always-wired new commercial world, buyers want access to all information, and they’ll get it – if not from you, then from your competitor. They don’t want positioning or testimonials – they want to sample your wares themselves.”

“The successful firm practices 21st century samples selling by providing valuable content, knowing that buyers prefer sellers who are willing to show what they know. This book tells you why this is true, and how to play in the new game.”

Robin Kermode, author of The Authentic SpeakerZone2

“In the 21st Century post-advertising apocalypse we don’t want to be shouted at or sold to. We want to be listened to and helped – and this book, very clearly, explains how this can work for your business.”

Terri Lucas, Director of Marketing Strategy, Partner - Hymans Robertson LLP

“I want all my team to read this book. It is packed with simple ideas and challenges to conventional wisdom when it comes to content. Giving my team a copy will help them to develop their knowhow and make sure that we deliver our content in the way that Sonja and Sharon advocate – to stop selling and to start helping.

It’s easy to follow, well structured and unusually practical for a business book.”

Paul Wilson, Chief Marketing Officer, Fortune 500 SunGard.

“Sonja and Sharon provide great insights on the dynamic practice of content marketing. Their book is full of commercial arguments showing why content marketing is the backbone of revenue growth, and practical tips on how to create a sustainable and effective content strategy.  The illustrations are cool too.”

Nick Rapson, IT Services

“This book is a fantastic look into the thinking behind modern marketing.  Sonja and Sharon present the theory, back it up with examples of how – and why – it works and then provide “take action” ideas to help their readers with its implementation.”

“Backed up with further insight from successful adopters, the information in this book has been very useful to me as I start out in business myself.  Reading it felt like a chat over coffee – friendly, useful and engaging.  Just the way modern marketing should be.”

Lucy Steers, Marketing Manager, Hymans Robertson LLP

“Sonja and Sharon practice what they preach in their book ‘Valuable Content Marketing’. It really is a goldmine of relevant and helpful advice, tips and genuinely valuable content for the modern day marketer.  The practical nature of the book means you come away feeling inspired to approach content marketing in a different light and truly make your content work harder – in all different sorts of ways that are relevant today, from whitepapers and e-books to blog posts and video.

The golden rule in all of this: think from your client’s perspective.  What’s going to be helpful and valuable to them?  Enough of the me, me, me approach to marketing; telling everyone how wonderful you are just doesn’t cut the mustard anymore – as consumers we’re all too savvy for that nowadays.

Sonja and Sharon’s book is without doubt going to be shared around the whole team so that the really practical advice within can start being put into action, and become standard practice for producing content that is really valuable for our audience.”

Richard Dennys, Head of Digital Marketing for HERE: A new approach to mapping, from Nokia

“Creating truly valuable content is part skill, part science & part mysterious martial art! Get it right and you quickly resonate with your audience; get it wrong and your brand can be toast.

Luckily Sharon and Sonja are the perfect combination of teachers, scientists and experts so their book is simply a must read. For beginners, it provides a step by step guide to success and for the more experienced it contains perfect reminders on what works and what doesn’t. Great work!”

Stephen King, author of Finance on a

“If you’re not mad, read this book. You would be mad to do business with someone you didn’t trust, but in a world of seemingly endless choices, how do people know they can trust you? Being honest and open about what you can do to help them is a pretty good start.

But how do you communicate that if you’re not in front of them?  Having read this immensely helpful book, I now know it is by creating valuable content: something interesting and valuable you can publish online; content that educates, helps or inspires; content appreciated by the reader. This book shows you how with vivid clarity.

Emma Price, Director of Business Development, Bond Pearce LLP

“There is a new vernacular in what successful business developers do. They explore, help and seek to assist their client in adding value to their organisation. They always look to share something new and they co-develop solutions. Most importantly this differentiation is scalable, can transcend all activity and is sustainable at individual and organisational level.  The Valuable Content Marketing book demonstrates that this is a great model for success and that the move to trusted adviser is achievable for all who choose to engage. Of course, you can continue to push to the many in the hope that you may attract a few.  I know what I prefer.”

Ryan James, Playmaker Services

“Every modern day sales person, marketing professional and business entrepreneur that is worth their salt and wants to thrive in today’s ever changing market needs to read this book! And with this succinct, practical and engaging guide to valuable content there’s every incentive to start embracing and implementing a valuable content approach with immediate effect and realising the benefits of increased market engagement. Highly recommended.”

Jane Northcote, Independent Management Consultant

“‘Hold onto your hats! This is not marketing as you think you know it’, warns this book in Chapter Three. But after Chapters One and Two I’d totally bought their message: valuable content, our useful knowledge, is what we must put out there on the web, in order to attract customers.

This book amuses, engages and convinces. Once I am hooked, it provides me with carefully presented lists of practical advice: great “How to ” sections on blogs, websites and content creation. All this advice is grounded in examples, with facts and figures.

The message is compelling, the book is practical, important and fun. Recommended.”

Mark McClure, The Samurai Writer

“I’m a great believer in studying success, and then applying it to my own environment and aptitudes. If a reader did nothing else but model what the authors are doing with this book and their digital business ecosystem, I think it would be well worth the investment in time and effort. Recommended.”

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David Tovey, author of Principled Selling

“This is the best book available about content marketing. Practical, a delight to read and full of well… valuable content it will be on the reading list for all my clients.

In this book Sonja and Sharon guide, inspire and provide all the tools needed to get started on the road to increased sales revenue. Order a copy for everyone who has anything to do with marketing, sales or winning business.

Traditional ‘propaganda’ style marketing is dead. The future for marketing is valuable content.”

Valuable Content Marketing:

How to make quality content the key to your business success

By Sonja Jefferson and Sharon Tanton

Publishing with Kogan Page, 3rd January 2013 UK, 28th February in US

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avatar Christine Martin February 1, 2013 at 8:34 am

I opened the book this morning and it’s just what I expected – full of stuff I’ll use to inspire and redirect my writing. Snappy, insightful, actionable.

avatar Sonja Jefferson February 5, 2013 at 6:19 pm

Thanks Christine! Much appreciated. So hope it helps.

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