Valuable Content Award

Great content deserves prizes. We present companies who consistently produce outstanding content with the Valuable Content Award.

To win a Valuable Content award you need to create helpful, authentic content, written with passion, presented with the user in mind. We only verify content that we believe is genuinely useful to web users and valuable to the businesses too. Winners get the coveted Valuable Content Award badge to display on their site (and a real one to wear too!).

Latest Award Winner:

Radix Communications – content that’s bold, innovative & a lot of fun

Gold valuable content award badgeRadix Communications is a small Falmouth-based writing agency winning friends and copywriting work from B2B technology businesses throughout the land. We’ve been bowled over by the creativity and quality of their content this year. It’s taken them far and wide and helped them to grow 25% in the last year alone.

More Valuable Content Award Winners

BeerBods – a beautiful business powered by content and connection. Their community-based content inspires customers to promote the business time and time again. No advertising, no sponsorship, not typical marketing – just great service, fabulous content and live engagement via social media.

Start up mobile app Wriggle gets its social media mix and content just right. Their engaging approach is spreading the word, building a network of people who love what they do and motivating people to download the app.

Sands Beach Resort. The company whose content and marketing we’ve consistently been most impressed with in 2014 is the Sands Beach Resort in Lanzarote. Here’s why they deserve this year’s golden Valuable Content Award. Make yourself a cup of tea and get your notebook out. There is a heap we can all take from their approach as we plan our marketing for next year.

JazzTypes from Mytton Williams. Often the marketing that really flies starts life as something completely different. That’s how it was for Mytton Williams. JazzTypes was a creative experiment that’s taken this Bath design studio to surprising places and won them admirers and new clients along the way. Here’s the story of our 10th festive Valuable Content Award winner, with some intriguing ideas to take away for your marketing next year.

Noisy Little Monkeys. Everyone tells you to ‘be yourself’ in business but how far should you go? If you take a leaf out of our ninth special Valuable Content Award winner’s book, then it’s further than you think. In a world of safe corporate voices, the chatter from Noisy Little Monkey stands out a mile, and we love it.

Paul Hajek & Clutton Cox for hard working, resourceful and downright useful legal content that gets results in a competitive market.

Clutton Cox is a high street firm of conveyancing solicitors near Bristol. Not the most creative of professions, you might think, but this is a company that consistently produces original content that demonstrates expertise and great client service, time and time again. It doesn’t have the slickness of  yesterday’s content hero Bellroy, but it’s spot on for its community.

Bellroy. For their beautifully designed and utterly engaging website. Fabulous content with perfect execution – there is so much you can take away from their approach.

Bellroy makes and sells wallets – or as they put it “Bellroy exists to slim your wallet.” As you’d expect from a company with a mission as tightly focused as this, the website is sleek and economical, seamlessly connecting content with commerce.

Canopy & Stars. Today we’re giving a very well deserved award to Canopy & Stars – Sawday’s glamping team – for one incredibly useful and very beautiful checklist.

Sometimes the most valuable content is the most simple. That’s good to know, isn’t it? Especially if, like us, you’re feeling overloaded with advice and ideas and things to do. So if you’ve reached the point of running to stand still, then this example is for you.

Fforest Camp Instagram account. Sian Tucker and her partner run Fforest – described by The Times as a campsite for all seasons. She’s one of our all time favourite Instagramers (check her pictures out@coldatnight) and the worthy winner of our fifth festive Valuable Content Award.

Mark Masters. Mark Masters of The ID Group puts his natural curiosity about the world to great advantage in his marketing. He asks great questions and listens hard. His ‘Talking Content‘ series comprises of interviews with 45 of the most well known voices in the content marketing field (ahem – including us). The result – a fascinating series of  articles that have propelled him into the content conversation and reaped other benefits too.

Sugru. Their award is for inspirational marketing that makes people smile. Giving glue a personality isn’t the easiest thing to do, but the team at Sugru has done just that.

Their celebration of the do-ers of the world is what drives their content, and it’s what gives a practical product a very human face. We think they fully deserve a special Christmas Valuable Content Award.

Creative Cadence. Our second Christmas Valuable Content Award goes to the brilliant Christian Tait who runs Creative Cadence here in Bristol. Christian is a cycling-mad, super-talented freelance graphic designer. His award is for consistently giving away great looking content that helps his clients.

Henneke Duistermaat. Henneke’s award is for championing of the art of blogging, helping people become better writers, and for her unique visual style. (We LOVE the way she illustrates her own posts.)

Past award winners:

April 2014 – Velocity Partners, who are the superstars of UK content marketing, and their success is powered by a really tight focus on the individuals they want to work with. You can read more about why they deserve the award, with a load of ideas to steal for your own content too.

March 2014 – All Conditions Media, for the Nokia Transitions project. We’ve talked a lot this month about how to write content that absolutely hits the spot so you build interest and most importantly trust in what you have to sell. It’s struck me that when it comes to creating content that people genuinely value and respond to, the most critical factor is its TONE.

March’s Valuable Content Award winner understands the importance of tone better than most.

February 2014 – Alan Atkin at the Environment Agency, for his lifeline social media feed. This award is sparked by a personal story – Sonja’s mum and dad are two of the thousands of people in the UK struggling with the rising water. They live on a flooded island in the middle of the Thames. It’s hard to get on and off the island now. All their possessions are piled up on tables and they watch and wait as the water comes closer and closer up the steps to their door. Alan’s tweets are making an extremely difficult time that bit easier, and we think that deserves recognition.

January 2014 – Ling Valentine for her crazy (but insanely customer-focused) website.

This is one of the most customer-focused, content-rich, entertaining and downright valuable websites you’ll EVER come across.

December 2013 – Disruptive surf brand Finisterre, for a beautiful website and a beautiful story.

Their website is elegant, simple and seamless, with the story and meaning running through every piece of content they deliver, from the sales pages, to “About Us”, to the photography and films that make you want to head for the beach in Scotland in December

October 2013 – Hymans Robertson. The courageous pensions and benefits advisory firm Hymans Robertson for a very creative campaign in one of the most suited and tied business sectors we know. If you can make people laugh and smile in when it comes to workplace pensions you must be doing something right!

September 2013 – Toby Duckett. Toby runs one man web design business Human Measures. He is a quiet man; one of the least pushy people we know yet he’s an absolute natural at marketing. Why? Because the marketing that gets results today is all about being helpful and giving away information that people really need.

July 2013 – Huit Denim. Their beautifully simple and heartfelt ‘do one thing well’ message really strikes a chord with us.

June 2013 – Chris Brogan. He’s mastered the art of talking to thousands while making it feel as if he was sitting right next to you. So much to learn from him – we’re very excited about giving this award!

May 2013 - F-Works, part time Finance Directors who specialize in working with entrepreneurs.  One of the things we love about their approach is their belief in the power of community. Sharing ideas and experiences of entrepreneurship is helpful and generous, and we look forward to reading the book they are co-creating with the entrepreneur crowd.

April 2013 – HSBC Expat. Feeding the content creation monster at scale is a huge challenge. This month’s winner is a fantastic content achievement. Read the fascinating story behind the site and grab some top tips for content marketing success here. (And do take a look round their content and blog too – we bet it’s not what you would expect a bank to produce!)

March 2013 – Indium Corporation. Indium is a great example of an organization locking blogging into the core of its operations.

Take a look at their approach – From One Engineer to Another – for a view of what it looks like when everyone in the business blogs.  It’s living breathing helpful expertise in action. We love it!

February 2013 – Information risk management consultancy Ascentor! Marketing the valuable way is a big change for a traditional firm. Winning the content marketing game takes top team commitment; persistence and a firm hand on the tiller. We are delighted to give this award to MD Dave James for his commitment and strong leadership: it’s delivering sales results for Ascentor. Well done Dave and team! Keep sharing that valuable knowledge.

January 2013 – Our first winner for 2013 is the Sands Beach Resort on Lanzarote. If there’s one golden rule when it comes to social media, it has to be: know your audience. Theirs is a masterclass in mastering social media. Read the case study and learn how the company built a whole new brand and customer base with brilliant content at the heart of its social strategy.

December 2012 - Martha, age 9! This month we are delighted to present the award to our youngest ever winner. Martha runs cake-making business Perfect Puddings and she is only nine. Intuitively Martha has created a blog that demonstrates the Valuable Content principles perfectly – share really useful content, show your enthusiasm, make it visually appealing, and above all, think of your customers and be helpful. We love it, and think you will too.

November 2012 - This month’s award goes to the website of new novel Remember to Breathe. Written by Simon Pont and published by Urbane Publications the novel tells the story of unhinged but strangely loveable ad-man Samuel Grant – think Mad Men, 1990s style. A beautifully designed website packed with highly creative content extends the reader’s experience over many different platforms.

October 2012 - Our Valuable Content Award this month goes to a very human Twitter feed – funny, engaging and packed with personality.

Congratulations Novatech!

September 2012 – We are delighted to present September’s award to the team at SunGard for their immensely valuable client resource site, SunGard TEN. SunGard is a Fortune 500 company and the world’s largest privately owned software and technology firm. Their marketing department and subject matter experts have collaborated to create a superb library of articles, papers, case studies, videos, and webinars that provide genuine value to their audience. We love the way the site visually matches relevant content to the visitor’s requirements – through an interactive representation of the client’s world. Take a peek: SunGard TEN – Your Business.

  • Full interview with SunGard’s CMO Paul Wilson here

July 2012 – Base Structures for their dynamic, content-rich website that is far more than just a beautiful brochure for the firm.

Content marketing specialist Lucinda Brook was instrumental in crafting the website and marketing strategy for Base Structures. She explains: “The primary aim of the new website and content marketing programme is to give value to the type of people Base wants to do business with, and in turn to showcase the expertise that the company provides. It’s a strategy that has helped the company to beat the recession. Visitors quickly doubled and the company has seen the value of orders triple as a result.”

June 2012 – Digital creative agency 3Sixty scoops this month’s first award. Unlike many creative agencies their website is way more than a beautifully designed online portfolio. 3Sixty leads with valuable content. Their mix of first class thinking and writing with gorgeous design is truly inspirational.  Director Chris Thurling says: “Everyone at 3Sixty is a real expert at what they do. But it’s no good just saying it. We need to follow our own advice. In the digital age it’s more important what you do than what you say.”

  • Their expertise certainly shines through:

  • June 2012 - Create Fit, one of Bristol’s best swimming and personal training companies wins too. Founder Mark Durnford posts helpful articles and video tips to help swimmers perfect and practice the techniques he teaches in the pool. He has 1000+ subscribers and over 800,000 views. It works. Mark and the team couldn’t be busier.

    May 2012 – YourBusinessChannel scoops this month’s valuable content award.  It’s an inspiring, detailed and thoughtful site that demonstrates the power of using video content to tell your business story. We spoke to director Mark Sinclair while we were writing the book, and this was his advice for businesses looking to succeed with their marketing: “Focus on doing three key things well: 1) Create engaging content 2) Share it with the right people 3) Stimulate conversation and collaborate as a result.”

  • We’d agree with that! Check out to see how they do it.

  • April 2012 – This month’s valuable content award goes to Tony Restell and the team at Top Consultant. We heard some great stories during the course of our research but Top Consultant’s tale was one of the most compelling. Find out how a valuable approach to marketing has helped Top Consultant to achieve sustainable business success.

    March 2012 – Balsamiq – we absolutely love this company, their wireframing tool and their website. Approachable, helpful with real personality, take a peek here



    March 2012 – Intel – a big corporate showing its human side with valuable blogs, tips, even processor art. See Intel Inside Scoop here

    March 2012 – Conscious Solutions - for their valuable website and e-books that they use for sales success. Take a look here

    March 2012 – Dan Roberts, Personal Trainer – 64 training tip videos on his YouTube channel have really helped him to get his name known - find them here

    February 2012: The team at EnduranceLife for their valuable Facebook feed. They attracted 15,000 Facebook fans in just 12 months by sharing information that the endurance sports community couldn’t do without. It’s filling their endurance events and helping them achieve their ambition to grow Endurancelife into a global lifestyle brand.

    The second award for February 2012 went to Inksters – a very forward thinking Scottish law firm. Blogs, Twitter, video and podcasts and a stack of valuable content – this firm has it all.
    A very worthy winner of a Valuable Content Award.

    January 2012 - The McKay Flooring Ltd blog – an absolutely brilliant example of how content marketing should be done. They’ve got it just right – sales site, blog, newsletter and resources. A really helpful site showcasing everything you need to know about flooring. Who knew flooring could be exciting?
    What’s not to love!

    Our Gold Award winner for 2011 was Mel Lester for his website, blog articles, seriously valuable newsletter and veritable library of free resources (check out his ‘Consultant’s Toolbox‘) Well done Mel! You’ve won this year’s Gold Valuable Content Award for the content we feel to be most valuable to its target audience.

    November 2011: Hinge Marketing for their valuable LinkedIn group - The Professional Services Executive Forum. This is by far the most engaged and useful group we’ve come across to date with real business owners debating thorny business issues. The latest thread ‘What’s the toughest part of launching a new website?’ motivated over 30 comments and a fascinating debate – valuable content indeed and a fantastic showcase for Hinge’s expertise. This is the 2nd award for Hinge this year (their website was a winner in the Spring). Congratulations Hinge – you are raising the bar.

    November 2011: Copywriter Jim O’Connor for his new blog Stories That Sell. Jim is a very talented copywriter. For years he’s had a website to promote his services: it was always superbly crafted but it was really just an online portfolio and didn’t generate consistent leads. Now he’s started sharing valuable content by adding a blog to the site and as he says: “it’s gone mad!” The leads are coming in thick and fast. Content and copy go hand in hand: valuable content pulls people in and clever copywriting converts them – every website needs a bit of both. Witty and insightful we recommend Jim’s articles whole heartedly. We love this blog!

    October 2011: Financial planners BPH Wealth Management for their valuable articles. This firm believes in creating a balance between life and money. Their website has just the right mix of insight, opinion and company news to get their message and personality across. Congratulations BPH!

    September 2011: Brand new web design agency Yoke Design for their beautifully designed, content rich website that’s piling in the leads. Yoke is a design company making a difference. They are crystal clear on who they want to work for and their articles hit the mark. Congratulations Jay and Al!

    Web design company Newfangled for their superb website – both content and design – and the very best of targeted propositions, all for the love of agencies. We love the newsletter they produce to educate and empower the agency world on all things web. In fact we love everything about their content!

    Previous Award Winners

    Author and blogger David Meerman Scott, consultant Ian Brodie, consultant David Baker and Recourses, holiday company Swimtrek, business coach Lee Duncan, presentations expert Sims Wyeth, outsourced payroll firm The Payroll Services Centre, marketing consultant Bryony Thomas, coach Heather Townsend, Trusted Advisor Charles H. Green, management consultancy Formicio, professional services branding and marketing consultants Hinge Marketing, IT strategy expert Vaughan Merlyn, local expert Nick Hall, management consultant Mel Lester.

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