Previous Valuable Content Award Winners

Here is a full list of past winners of the Valuable Content Award, with an explanation of what makes their content so special.

Each of our winners gets a Valuable Content Award badge to display on their website in recognition of their outstanding business content and website. (Find out about the latest award winner here.)

David Meerman Scott – long running blogger of the highest order and author of the New Rules of Marketing and PR book – one of the inspirations behind the Valuable Content proposition.  This award is particularly for going the extra mile with the valuable giveaway he links from this article on marketing strategy – Marketing Strategy Planning Template

Professional services business development consultant Ian Brodie for his blog-based website and  thought provoking insights that generate the leads he needs to never have to pick up the phone:

David Baker of Recourses - rewarding his long held belief in giving away great content to help marketing firms, and particularly for his excellent podcasts and 65 ‘Position Papers’ –

Swimtrek - for their generous monthly newsletter. The perfect balance of tips, photography, news and holiday details – everything the wild swimming fraternity wants, keeping Swimtrek front of mind –

Lee Duncan, the ‘Double Your Business’ coach for the two useful free downloads on his website. These have got him leads, clients and even a book deal! Look out for his book in 2012.

Sims Wyeth, for his articles and resources on presentation skills, giving away some of his knowledge to help people become accomplished speakers. We’re learning. -

The Payroll Services Centre – our wonderful client who has totally bought into the Valuable Content approach – a genuine hub of all things payroll related, now reaping the rewards in terms of inbound leads –

Bryony Thomas for the variety of excellent content she delivers via different mediums, all carefully targeted at different points of the sales funnel –

Heather Townsend for the amount of valuable content she generates and shares (we don’t know how she does it!) via social media, her websites and soon with her business book too –

Charles H Green, not only for the superb Trusted Advisor book that we love, but also for his website, blog articles, tweets and insightful ‘Trust Quotes’ interviews too –

Formicio – for their excellent monthly email bulletin for business leaders on IT transformation and innovation –

Hinge Marketing for their superb Impactful design and memorable messages, clear calls to action and a library of well-crafted content that we read and share. Congratulations Team Hinge. We continue to follow with great interest.

IT strategy expert Vaughan Merlyn for his website – a perfect example of a well-written, article-led consultancy site that gets his passion and expertise across in just the right way.

Nick Hall for the wonderful Our Local Expert site We love the inimitable style and quality of Nick’s writing and consistent useful advice he shares via his website, blog and Twitter feed.

October 2010: Mel Lester won our very first Valuable Content award for his value-packed website and blog. Mel runs The Business Edge- a US management consulting firm helping architecture and engineering companies to get things done. Mel sets ambitious goals for his site – to create the best internet resource in his field to help managers succeed, both corporately and personally. We think he delivers.

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