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content marketing approach works wonders for ambitious, independent businesses – more leads, better differentiation, an easier sales process, better business – but only if you do it right. In these days of content overload, yours has to be of high quality to stand out and make an impact. So tell an inspiring story, create your content with purpose, put it at the heart of your business development activities, make it valuable – we’d like to show you how.

Valuable Content is a specialist consulting and training company, showing you how to create and share the type of meaningful, high quality content you need to help you reach your goals.

Typical challenges we help to solve:

  • I want to attract more of the right clients – traditional marketing isn’t working for us right now.
  • How do we get leads from the web and social media? And how do we make our website pay?
  • We want to uncover and tell our business story in a way that inspires.
  • I get that content matters, but how do we make a valuable content marketing approach work for our firm?
  • What is valuable content, for us and our clients?
  • How do we motivate and teach experts in the business to write valuable content?
  • We need an effective content marketing strategy and plan to drive the business forward.
  • I’d like an expert, outside perspective on our content efforts to improve what we do.

How we help

There are three ways that we can help to make content marketing work for your firm:

  1. Hire us as your web and content marketing guides. We’ll help you make the web and great content work for your business. Sonja will get you set up with an effective content strategy and plan, show you how to turn your website into a valuable platform and coach your team through to success. And Sharon will write your most valuable content –  creative guidance and expert writing support for the big, difficult content pieces.
  2. Hire us to uncover and write your brand story, so you’re clear on who you are as a business – an inspiring narrative that everyone can get behind and which customers love. Get this right, and everything becomes easier. We’ll give you the outside-in perspective and expert writing support you need to get to the heart of your message.
  3. Learn from us – training and workshops. We run practical and inspiring courses, for both business owners and for marketers, to teach you how to apply the valuable content marketing approach (either in-house for you team or open training here in Bristol).

What clients say about the value we bring

“We are finding that the work we have done with Valuable Content has greatly increased our brand awareness. Now people are coming to us instead of us always going to them.”

Dave James / MD / Ascentor

We set out to renew an inspiring business story and visual identity, which would make us all proud and which would connect emotionally with our external audience. Sonja and Sharon have been with us throughout; they’ve been our valued partners on a fantastic journey. We’ve got a set of core messages that really inspire us, and the confidence to use them in new and valuable ways, not just through our website, but through our content and our conversations.”

Geoff Mason / Content Director / Project One

We learned what prospects needed from an IT firm and translated that into a strong brand identity that underpins all our content, including blogs, guides, infographics, slide sets, video and now podcasts. Our website traffic has more than tripled, and it’s going up all the time. We now have a strong, consistent pipeline of sales opportunities that we never had before.”

Amy Grenham / Marketing Manager / Desynit

Thanks to Valuable Content, the Coull website is now a resource hub and the roadmap is in place so that we can scale that up in terms of adding great content. Valuable Content gave us a narrative thread and provided a backbone for the website. From that, everything — from the headlines to the graphics — delivered the core message. We’re delighted with the structure that Sonja and Sharon laid out for us which will allow us to further build up our content.”

Dan Madden / Head of Marketing / Coull

Is this you?

We work with business owners and marketing teams in B2B and professional firms. Our clients are often the unsung heroes in their field – their customers rave about them, they win business through referrals, but the wider world hasn’t much of a clue what they do. We get excited by the prospect of working with:

  • Determined small to mid-sized businesses walking their own path.
  • Passionate business owners who want to change the world a bit (or their part of it).
  • Fired up sales and marketing teams ready to roll up their sleeves and work for the long term to create the best and most compelling content that will help their customers and drive their business to the next level.

What we really want to do is to help you make a difference that matters.

Give us a call

If this sounds like you and your challenge we’d love to see if we can help.

If you want to know more, please get in touch with Sonja to talk through what you’re looking to do: sonja@valuablecontent.co.uk, 0117 9290414.

If we cannot help then we normally know someone who can.

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