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Content marketing is big news right now and many businesses are keen to get in on the action. Content marketing’s promises – more leads, lower costs per lead, more referrals, increased brand visibility – are compelling.  And we know it works – we’ve been creating powerful content for B2B and professional firms and witnessing the benefits for over ten years. But how do you make it work for your business?

If you want your content marketing efforts to succeed put it on firm foundations. Create a valuable content strategy. Get the right plan in place and build and train a strong team to support it.

“The points where your goals intersect with your clients’ needs are the areas where you want to focus your content efforts.”

We work with firms that need help creating, documenting and implementing a valuable content marketing strategy.  Whether you are a business owner, in-house marketing team or an agency that wants to add content marketing to its tool kit, we help you to understand the opportunity and show you how to apply it to your business.

Is this you?

  • You’re excited by the results that content marketing gets, but you’re not sure how it would work in your business.
  • You’d like to add content marketing to your firm’s marketing toolkit, but aren’t sure where to start.
  • You’re convinced that content marketing is the way to go, but how do you get everyone else on board?
  • You don’t know what types of content would work best for your particular client base.
  • You’d like to understand how to join up your content, social media, SEO and traditional sales and marketing activities to drive sales results.
  • You’re not sure how to produce all the content that you need on an ongoing basis.
  • You have invested in a content-rich website but you want to make sure it gets results.
  • There’s so much you could say, but where to focus your content marketing efforts?

A snapshot of our services

  • Free content marketing audit. Is your business content marketing ready? We’ll assess your current website, content and marketing activities against best practice and present a recommended approach and plan of action to turn the web into a platform that delivers sales results – yup, that right: free of charge.
  • Half day workshop: How to make content marketing work for your business. Sonja Jefferson and Sharon Tanton, authors of Valuable Content Marketing give insights and tips into producing and using quality content to grow your business. With examples of best practice we’ll get everyone excited about the opportunity and clear on what’s involved for your firm.
  • Content strategy. We’ll help you get strategic with your content. We’ll revisit your business goals and priorities; research your clients’ content needs and work out what you will talk about and in what formats over the next 6 months – ensuring you are providing the type of valuable content your buyers would be searching for at every step of the sales process (balancing stock and flow). We’ll set goals for your content marketing and create your content calendar and publishing plan. You’ll get a documented content strategy – clearly and succinct – a well researched plan to work to.

“A documented strategy makes a difference. Recent research by Content Marketing Institute found that 84% of marketers who say they are ineffective at content marketing said they have no documented strategy. B2B marketers who have a documented content strategy are far more likely to consider themselves effective (66% vs. 11%).”

  • Creation of high quality content. You can use our team to help you create the key pieces of content you’ll need to get you started – practical help with planning and writing your website content, guides, whitepapers and e-books, video, infographics and more.
  • Learn how to create and share valuable content. Our Blogging for Professionals training course shows your team how to write and share the kind of content that gets sales results. We’ll teach them why blogging is such a powerful business development tool, how to write a good enough blog article and what to do to get your blog read by the type of clients you’d love to win. Our follow up monthly Blogging Brainstorm sessions build confidence and give your team on the spot advice so they can turn their ideas into seriously valuable written content.
  • Ongoing coaching and support. An objective expert at your side to ensure the content continues to deliver value – for your clients, for your business. Content marketing coach Sonja Jefferson will guide your content marketing efforts so you get sales results.

“Valuable Content are expert in messaging, content strategy and creation — providing step-by-step plans for all types of content that can be used in the customer funnel, from social media to white papers. I would definitely recommend them to other companies. Working with Valuable Content has been a very positive experience.” Dan Madden, head of marketing at

Get in touch

If you are curious about how content marketing can work for your business we’d love to have a chat. Contact Sonja Jefferson on 07974 398906 or email

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