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Joined up communications with Valuable Content

Many businesses find it difficult to keep their profiles high and to keep talking to their customers in a meaningful way.  They know they should be writing newsletters, and blogging, and Tweeting, but somehow there isn’t the time, or they lack the confidence in their writing ability to do it well, so it doesn’t happen.

And without good communication leads dry up and clients and customers drift away.

So what’s the solution?

We believe the right content pulls people your way, and can keep them close to you until they’re ready to buy.

Our approach centres on your website, making it a hub of helpful and valuable information that will generate a stream of inbound leads. Writing the right stuff will define your niche, and help potential customers find you.

The next stage is just as important – managing your content to keep the conversation flowing.

Consistency is key – both in terms of message and voice. Blogs, tweets, newsletters, and case studies need to be well written with the customer’s needs in mind.  Joining it all up is the key, and it’s what we do best.

How we can help you keep contact

We work with our clients to create the content that their clients want, and help them deliver it in the right way.

1.  We create website content that attracts the right readers – people who are searching for the answers to problems you can solve. We write genuinely useful case studies, white papers and blogs that help your customers, build trust and raise your profile.

2.  To pull in leads, we write and design with strong calls to action. Our websites encourage sign up to your newsletters and social media feeds.

3.  It’s no point writing great content and keeping it locked away.  We tell the world through  social media – either teaching our clients how to use Twitter and LinkedIn effectively, or managing their accounts for them.

4.  We write and design targeted newsletters that keep your customers up to date, and keep you in their mind.  These feed back to the website – your latest blog articles for example – and encourage readers to pick up the phone and start talking.

5. Drip feeding.  We help our clients to use their content to stay in touch effectively and build the motivation to buy. Having just the right articles to hand means you have a reason to email your leads – ‘I saw this and thought of you’ works far better than a cold sales message sent out of the blue.  (Makes you feel good too!)

Get in touch

If you want help creating, writing or editing your communications to keep in touch with clients and customers, talk to us. Contact Sonja Jefferson on 07974 398906 or email We’d love to help.

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