Is this you?

Writing about your own business is no easy task: it’s hard to be objective about your own skills and tricky to find the time when you are flat out on client work or busy running your company.

If this sounds like your situation, Valuable Content might be able to help. Our clients are busy professionals: experts in their fields who want help translating their specialist knowledge into compelling content that builds trust and gets results. We show them how to create and use valuable written content to generate sales.

Our clients have included management consultants; recruitment, HR and resourcing specialists; trainers; coaches; professional service firms; technical consultancies; marketing and communications experts; architects; creative and design consultancies. There’s nothing we like better than a complex proposition to untangle and make clear!

We work for owners of small to medium sized businesses and independent consultants, both start ups and established companies, predominantly in the South of the UK (we’re based in Bristol) from Cornwall up to the Midlands and around the London area, and increasingly abroad too.

Is this your situation?

  • “Our offer is pretty complex. I want to know how to describe what we do to our customers. How do I craft a compelling pitch that really captures the value of what we do in a way our audience will understand?”
  • “I want to improve our web presence and increase inbound leads. I need advice on how to achieve this. We’re missing an opportunity here.”
  • “We’ve got a website but it really doesn’t do the business justice. I need help to devise a new site and write the content to get the message across.”
  • “I don’t yet understand how to get best results from the web and social media. I’d like advice on how to approach this.”
  • “I want to create some better marketing material that helps my sales people open doors and get remembered.”
  • “We have a vitally important pitch coming up and I need help with the presentation and proposal. I want an expert, independent view and help to get the writing done.”
  • “I’ve got a great idea for a business book but I don’t know where to start in terms of getting it written and published. I need expert help to make it happen.”
  • “I’ve just finished a very successful project and want to write a case study. It’s difficult to be objective when you’ve been so involved and I don’t have time to get it done.”
  • “I know I need to be blogging regularly but I don’t really have the time and, although I have great ideas, I’d love some help writing the articles to get these across.”
  • “I want to understand what our clients value about our service and what help they really want. I need someone to interview them to get direct feedback, to help us develop our service.”

Let’s talk

If you are a consultancy or professional service business facing these or similar challenges, do get in touch for an informal discussion. We would love to hear about what you are trying to do and see if we can help.

We really look forward to talking to you.

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