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“A book is the best brochure or website you could ever hope for.” Charles H Green, author of The Trusted Advisor

As consultant, adviser, trainer or coach there is no better way to prove your expert status than to write a business book. In terms of valuable content, this is right there at the top of the pile: the ultimate symbol of expertise. As a respected author you will be perceived as an authority and that gives you a huge advantage when it comes to reputation and sales. This kind of thought leadership can turn your business around. (As you can read in this case study)

We know from experience that writing a business book is a complex and, from the outside, confusing process. For first time authors it is really difficult to know where to start, and easy to get stuck half way.

It’s a real challenge – one we that we may be able to help you solve.

Are you struggling with these questions?

  • Should I try and attract a publisher or go down the self-publishing route?
  • Does my book idea have legs?
  • What’s involved – how does the process really work? How much time will it take? What will it cost?
  • How can I make it happen around the demands of my business?
  • Where do I start?

If this sounds like you, we’d love to help.

How we can help

We work on selected book projects. Our service will help you produce a high quality, well-designed book that is valuable to your audience and to your business too. Valuable Business Books delight your readers and deliver your business goals.

Step 1: A strong proposal for your book. We will take you from initial book idea to having a very clear, tested book proposal and route to publish. Creating a well thought out book proposal is the first major milestone on the road to authorship – the best place to start your journey.

A strong book proposal is a necessity if you are going to attract a publisher but also an essential planning tool if you elect to self-publish. Putting effort into your proposal will ensure that the book you write is the right one – that it has an audience, that the audience is sufficiently interested in the subject to create a demand, that the book says something original and distinctive that has a shelf life and is credible. By the end of our book proposal programme you will have:

  • A firm idea of the concept, audience, competition and content for your business book.
  • A full, clear and well researched and edited book pitch and proposal.
  • Made a decision on whether to self-publish or publish with knowledge and a clear action plan of the steps you need to take to give you success with either option.
  • Introductions to several good publishers or self-publishing houses.
  • A marketing plan for the book, helping you to gain credibility, contacts and leads before the book is even published.

The programme covers the first crucial steps you need to take to make your book idea a successful reality, whether you want to publish or self-publish.

Step 2: Tailored support through the writing and publishing process. Valuable Content can give you as much support as you need to succeed with your book project.

You can hire us as project manager, editor and thought partner through the process. We have a strong network of contacts who can help you realise your dream of writing a business book – editorial consultants, copy editors, proof readers, book designers and indexers. We’ll coordinate the team you need to make your book a published reality – whether you choose to pursue a deal with a traditional book publisher or go down the self-published route.

If you are serious about producing a high quality business book give us a call to talk through the type of support that would suit you best.

Feedback from our authors

In the last few years we have helped 8 business authors get publishing deals for their books, and project managed two self-published books. Here’s what some of our clients have to say about working with Valuable Content.

“As a result of the input and expert help I have received from Sonja, I have managed to secure my first book deal with a major international commercial publisher. Before I started working with Sonja, I was floundering in my dream to write a business book. If you have a ‘book in you’, which your business or family life is stopping you from writing, then I strongly recommend you give her a call.” Heather Townsend, author of the FT Guide to Business Networking

“Sonja at Valuable Content took on the role of ‘production manager’ for my book. She is disciplined and has helped me to stay organised. She has the ability to help me discover what it is I want to say. As a result of our collaboration, I have been able to write a book, while continuing to work full-time as a consultant.” Jane Northcote, author of Making Change Happen

“Sonja, your contribution to my book must be recorded for posterity.  First, because I commented on your website, I got approached by Financial Times Prentice Hall to write a book – WOW – I didn’t think that ever happened!  Clearly, all the right publishers know you as the “go-to-gal” for great new authors. Next, because I’d no idea what to do, you patiently guided me through several iterations until I’d got the content, the tone and the message all singing in harmony together.  I simply could not have written my proposal, and therefore got a publisher, without your help.  Everybody who’s looking to write a business book needs your help with the contacts, the content and the steady hand on the tiller when we’re going through emotional trauma of yet another rewrite! Thanks again.” Lee Duncan – author of Double Your Business

“Sonja was presented with the very difficult task of coordinating 4 co-authors’ broad ideas and individual views and styles into a coherent well structured and interesting book with a single voice and central message. Her first structural edit was excellent and inspired us to believe in the book see it through to completion. We quite simply could not have done it without her project management skills and guidance.” Simon Brown, Partner at BPH Wealth Management, co-author of The 7 Secrets of Money, published 2011.

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avatar Lee Duncan March 16, 2012 at 8:15 pm

Hi Sonja,

Just wanted to let you know that my book’s now in print – you can see some images of me holding the first copies on the book’s official website at Double Your Business Book – just to add a little more weight to the fact that you help people get books written.

Thanks again – your copy will be in the post in the next couple of days ;)


avatar Sonja Jefferson March 19, 2012 at 5:23 pm

Thanks Lee. Huge congratulations on the book. Can’t wait to see it. I hear it’s going to be featured in WH Smiths in April – will go and hunt for it there too! Very proud of you. Well done! Sonja. Here it is on Amazon too –

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