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Sonja Jefferson at Publishing for Digital Minds 2015, London Book Fair

In our connected world valuable, customer-focused content is the focus of all effective marketing.

Sonja Jefferson and Sharon Tanton – authors of the best-selling UK content marketing book Valuable Content Marketing - show you how to use high quality content to generate real results. Their interactive, engaging talks and workshops leave audiences fizzing with practical ideas to improve their content and deliver real value to their customers.

Sonja Jefferson

Sharon Tanton

Perfect for marketing events, B2B marketing events, digital marketing events, professional services business development workshops, sales conferences, business and trade conferences and networking events.

Speaking topics

The following are examples of the sessions we can provide.

Content marketing: in a world awash with content how do you make yours shine?

As more and more businesses wake up to the power of content, how do you make yours stand out and generate sales results? MORE content is not the answer. The secret is to make it valuable to your audience. This talk gives you a simple roadmap to follow, with 7 clear steps to success and case studies to learn from.

Why businesses with purpose create the best content

Want to get success from your content? Then according to Valuable Content Founder Sonja Jefferson, you need to start with the ‘why’ not the ‘what’. Building trust is the no.1 job for marketers, in an ever changing web-based world trust is everything. In this talk, Sonja and Sharon ponder and proclaim the principles behind trust and unveils the true power of storytelling and purpose. You’ll get heaps of actionable tips and tricks for your own marketing and learn how to find your ‘why’.

Feedback Tweet on Sonja Jefferson talk

Content strategy workshop: how to think like a content strategist

Content strategy is the focus of the moment, but what exactly is a content strategy, and how do you create one? This practical workshop will take you step-by-step through the content strategy process. This session answers your content strategy questions and provides a whistle stop tour of a very valuable marketing technique. By the end of the hour you will have created a living breathing content strategy for an upcoming business, and will be able to think like a content strategist.

We can provide live sketch-notes as part of our talk

New business development: why great content matters

In the last 5 years the web and social media have transformed business development beyond recognition. Your buyers are now in control. How do you win business in this new world? It goes a lot further than just having a presence on Twitter. We look at businesses getting it right and show you how to put valuable content at the heart of your marketing and sales practices so you get the results you need.

Better business: why generosity wins you friends and generates sales

Help, don’t sell; show, don’t tell; talk, don’t yell – this is the new mantra for marketing success in our connected business world. This talk shows you how putting customers first, being generous and collaborative is the attitude that wins today. With examples of businesses large and small winning by treating people right.

Valuable Content for your business event?

Get in touch to book Sonja, Sharon or the double act to speak at your next conference and event.

We’d love to know more about your audience and will tailor our subject matter to suit their needs.

Contact Sonja Jefferson, telephone 0117 9290414.

“I just wanted to say thank you for the Master Class at the event on Friday.  It was a really successful day and the feedback about all the sessions has been really excellent, but yours seems to stand out – lots of comments about how useful your session was.”

Caroline Marshall, Director of Bristol Media

Forthcoming events

23rd September 2015 – Bristol Content Group, Roll for the Soul – Content Stories

29th September 2015 – International Referral Annual Conference, London – Sonja Jefferson presents How to craft original content so your firm stands out from the crowd

5th October 2015 – HOW Interactive Conference, Chicago. Sonja Jefferson is presenting a case study – Content Strategy Is For Designers Too

8th October 2015 – Digital Buffet, Bristol. Sharon Tanton talks on 3 Simple Secrets to Stand Out Content Marketing

Recent events

21st May 2015 – Bristol Content Group. Where are you on your content marketing journey?

13 April 2015 – London Book Fair, Publishing for Digital Minds. Sonja presented on effective content strategies.

13 January 2015 – Mission Critical: Why businesses with purpose create the best content. A talk for Bath and Bristol Marketing Network. You can find the slides on SlideShare.

4 July 2014 - Content training course for the IDM

Sonja Jefferson's keynote for Richmond Expo 2014 at Twickenham Stadium

6 June 2014 - Keynote speaker at Richmond Expo, SW London’s largest business show at Twickenham Stadium – How to set your business apart (and make you feel good). Here are some free takeaways from the talk.

19 May 2014 - Content marketing training course for the IDM

20 March 2014 – The Big Content Marketing Debate – Bristol Content Group

23 January 2014 – The Future of Websites – Bristol Content Group at the Watershed, Bristol

15 November 2013 - Bristol Media Masterclass – How to make content marketing work for your business.

14 November 2013 – Brighttalk webinar - Should sales follow up content marketing?

11 October 2013 - Professional Copywriters’ Conference – Think like a content strategist

3 October 2013 – Brighttalk webinar: How many times – a download is not a lead!

19 July 2013 - UXBristol 2013 – How to think like a content strategist. Read workshop summary

19 June 2013 - PM Forum, South West – In a world awash with content, how do you make yours shine? – Read our takeaway notes for the group

13 June 2013 - CCH Conference - Social media: how to be valuable & win more business

2 May 2013 - Sands Beach Resort & partners, Lanzarote – The importance of working together to create really creating valuable online content – view slides here

9 April 2013 - Bristol & Bath Marketing Network - Getting Your Message Heard in a Noisy World

26 February 2013 - Technology for Marketing & Advertising (TFM&A) event, Earls Court – with Bryony Thomas: Powerful marketing content for every step of the sale – what content to use when (a case study)

14 March 2013 - West of England Design Forum CPD session – How to be valuable on Twitter and draw in business for your firm

17 January 2013 - British Marine Federation at the London Boatshow - What content do you need on your website and what do you share on social media?

29 November 2012 - British Marine Federation BMF South Christmas Business Event – What content do you need on your website? Takeaway content here for BMF South Members

17 November 2012 – Bristol University Business Basecamp – How to make your marketing pay with valuable content

5 October 2012 – Marketing Trends at the British Library – How to make your content shine in a world awash with the stuff. Event review here

“We invited Sharon and Sonja of Valuable Content to run a workshop on content strategy as part of this year’s UXBristol conference. They produced one of the best workshops I have seen in the three years of UXBristol.  Basing the workshop around creating a strategy for a real local business, and inviting the business owners to actively take part on the day, was an inspired approach and really brought the workshop to life. The use of a graphic designer to create live sketch-notes and diagrams during the course of the workshop was incredibly powerful and engaging.  I would highly recommend them as conference presenters/speakers.”

Stuart Church, UXBristol 2013

“In May 2013, we began planning the first Professional Copywriters’ Network Conference. With content marketing one of the most requested topics among our members, we knew we needed someone who could represent the inbound community and provide valuable training for conference delegates.

The names of Sonja and Sharon at Valuable Content came up pretty quickly. With a book that’s become the standard textbook for UK content marketing, a lively online presence and a solid reputation for training, they ticked every box for us. So we asked them to provide one of our four breakout sessions, and for Sonja to appear on our panel discussion entitled ‘Content marketing, copywriting and creativity’.

The breakout session was the most popular choice among delegates before the conference and the highest-rated after it. Quotes from delegates included ‘Great insight into content management’ and ‘Lots of ideas’. With so many things to sort out, it was great for us to relax and let Sonja and Sharon deliver.

On the panel, Sonja did an excellent job of answering some fairly direct criticism of content marketing as a discipline, making a strong case for inbound as a powerful marketing technique that deserves a place alongside more traditional channels.

Based on our experience, I strongly recommend Sonja and Sharon as trainers and speakers.”

Tom Albright, founder of the Professional Copywriters’ Network

“Sonja and Sharon’s workshop for the Bristol University student entrepreneurs was a real eye opener. They really engaged the group, who are often a difficult nut to crack, and through an open discussion showed the students how they can apply the tools provided to their own ventures. We left with more than enough fuel to kickstart our own inbound marketing campaigns.”

Shaun Miller, Entrepreneur in Residence, Bristol University

“Sonja and Sharon,

I just wanted to thank you for your participation in the Marketing Trends event at the British Library this month.

Your presentation was both lively and informative and I’ve had very good feedback from delegates.  The division of labour worked well and having two speakers kept the audience interested and engaged (as did the content!). It was succinct and to the point but also had interesting anecdotes that brought the subject to life for the audience.

Valuable content is such an important aspect of marketing that I believe you have really hit on a stream of interest that isn’t currently covered elsewhere.”

Best wishes,

Helen Kogan, Managing Director, Kogan Page Ltd, October 2012

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avatar Caroline Palmer April 11, 2013 at 1:29 pm

Having heard the two S’s do their ’stuff’ at the Bristol & Bath Marketing Network this week, I hesitate to add our website address!

When hastily setting up our website I recall being as conscious as possible about ‘you not us’ but I have to admit to finding it difficult to achieve the perfect balance.

So Sharon and Sonja’s talk came along at a perfect time for us as we are in the midst of refreshing our website and I came away with a much clearer understanding of the way forward (having been a bit stuck if I’m honest).

The two big messages for me from Sharon & Sonja’s excellently structured presentation are: “help not sell” and “understand the different stages of the sales cycle” – in relation to all communications media not just the website of course.

Sometimes a dual presentation can be a bit forced. Not the case with Sharon and Sonja – their different styles complement each other perfectly. Their messages and stories were conveyed using a mix of media, appealing to different learning styles, and there was a healthy interaction with the audience too. Importantly their tips were backed up by case studies and obvious experience.

Thanks ladies, will be sure to recommend you to other networks and conferences.

Right, back to that content plan then….

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