Get your story straight

What’s your business story?

“It’s so hard to discover your own firm’s positioning because you’re inside the bottle, and you can’t see the label.” David Baker, Recourses

Being clear about the story your business needs to tell is the foundation of any good marketing.  Know precisely who you are talking to, and what they really want from you. Get your message straight, then you can build a website and content that takes the story out. It all starts from here.

If you want your content and marketing to fly, this first step is so important.

We work with professional B2B firms that need help untangling their marketing messages. Complex, multi-layered, or technical, there’s nothing we like better than finding the heart in a difficult proposition and coming up with a narrative that will resonate with your people and clients.

We help businesses get their story straight, and communicate it clearly to their audiences through the content they share.

Is this you?

  • You struggle to make the essence of your offer clear
  • There are conflicting versions of your story both within your organisation, and in the outside world.
  • Your website tells one version of a story, and your social media presence tells another, and your people another still.
  • You’re not sure what content you should share on your website.
  • You know your clients rate you highly, but you’re not sure which aspects of your offering keep them loyal to you.
  • Your business lacks a clear understanding and articulation of its USPs.
  • You would be hard pushed to describe how you make your client’s worlds better in one sentence.

How it works

Here’s a quick snapshot of our process:

  • Stock check of your existing marketing collateral.
  • Interviews with key people inside your organisation.
  • Structured interviews with clients or customers.
  • Defining the audiences and message – feedback on interviews and definition of your key points of difference.
  • Writing your story for different audiences.  E.g. as elevator pitch for your key people and sales team. As web copy, social media profiles etc for external audiences.
  • Report and presentation. Clear guidance for your board, sales and marketing people, for your branding and website team.

Get in touch

If you want to get to the heart of what you do and create compelling marketing messages, we’d love to hear from you. Contact Sonja Jefferson for an exploratory discussion. 07974 398906.

Case study and further reading

You can read a case study of our message articulation work here: How we helped actuarial consultants Hymans Robertson LLP to get their message crystal clear: A client-focused marketing message.

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