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Many company websites are no more than flat, online brochures. This is perfectly fine if you see your website purely as a credibility tool. But if you want to generate leads from your website – a regular stream of qualified, inbound leads – then you need to do more than just present basic information on your company.

If you want to turn your website into a powerful, lead generating machine you need to provide the visitor with valuable content that educates and informs. By giving away some of your knowledge you demonstrate your expertise and helpfulness. From regular articles and blog posts to whitepapers, useful downloads, videos or webinars, you give visitors a reason to come back.

By helping your visitors to solve their business problems through the content you provide you start to gain their trust. Valuable content helps you turn prospects into buyers and buyers into long term fans.

We’d love to help you with your content

“The Valuable Content approach really works. By turning our website into a useful hub of information on all things payroll related we’ve seen a massive uplift in visitors, inbound leads and sales. Sonja and the team have helped us create all this content – it’s hard to do by yourself. They’re talented writers and marketers who really understand how to get the most from a business website.” Paul Marsden, The Payroll Services Centre

The team of writers, designers and marketers here at Valuable Content Ltd can help you create this type of content. Whether it’s articles or a company blog, whitepapers, a useful download, or even a business book, we’ll help you turn your website into the hub of useful information that potential clients now expect.

  • We’ll help you with your content strategy: what message do you want to get across, to who and what type of content would work best
  • We’ll help you write, edit and design the content you create – writing web content, articles, whitepapers, downloads and books
  • We can help you set up a business blog or project manage the build or transformation of your website
  • We’ll show you how to share this information across the web and social media to increase visitors to your site.

Valuable content really works

The content we provide for our clients is helping to generate traffic and leads. Clients such as The Payroll Services Centre:

Valuable Content helped the management team of this outsourced payroll provider pack their site with valuable content for buyers of payroll services, including a resources section and jargon buster, blog, download, newsletter and social media feeds. Each page of content is carefully optimised and targeted at relevant keywords and their Google ranking has soared.

All this good content has generated a huge increase in traffic and over 50 inbound leads a month for the business.

Get in touch

If you’d like to make your website work harder by adding some valuable content, do get in touch. Email Sonja Jefferson, owner of Valuable Content on or phone 07974 398906. We’d love to see if we can help.

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