Sharon Tanton

Writer, trainer, business storyteller

Sharon Tanton is Creative Director and chief wordsmith here at Valuable Content.

Co-author of the Valuable Content Marketing book, she works as content director and lead writer for businesses.

As an ex-English teacher, Sharon is a skilled trainer, committed to showing owners and marketers how to create exciting, stand out content.

The work Sharon loves to do and the value it brings

There’s nothing Sharon likes better than untangling a complex proposition and coming up with a narrative that resonates. With a special skill for turning drab information into engaging stories, she helps clients create compelling content to spread their ideas, engage readers and win business.

On a mission to stamp out factory-farmed marketing, Sharon would like more companies to be human and loveable.

Sharon’s valuable content story

Sharon is a copywriter, with a background in teaching English.

“In my early career, I worked for the BBC and interviewed people for documentaries. This kindled my passion for telling stories in real human voices—whether it’s a veteran talking about the Second World War, a mother sharing stories about her life in poverty, or an entrepreneur blogging about his lifework.

I was an English teacher for a time too. Teaching teens about grammar and literature certainly taught me how to capture attention!”

Before linking up with Sonja at Valuable Content, Sharon was Brand Manager at an award-winning Bristol communications consultancy.  She helps companies get their stories straight, and tell them in ways that audiences appreciate.

She’s a wordsmith and ruthless editor, and understand how to tickle, touch and dazzle readers with words. One of Sharon’s most read blogs “5 ways to kill your book club” inspired features in the Telegraph, and on the Today programme and The World at One.

Get in touch with Sharon:

  • If you’re looking for help shaping the right words to communicate your business story.
  • If you want ideas and expert copywriting for some really high value content.
  • If you want creative input into your content planning.
  • If you want a training course or workshop on how to write valuable content such as blogs.
  • If you want to learn how to use social media for your business

Life outside work

Sharon lives in Bristol, UK with her partner Bill and three of their eight children. She has written a novel, enjoys walking her dog, loves growing tomatoes and makes a mean chilli jam.

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Get in touch with Sharon

Tel: +44 (0) 117 9290414

Sharon’s latest articles

I love working with Sharon. She has great ideas, which means that she can take any subject matter and turn it into a compelling story. It’s a rare skill to be able to make every word count, and Sharon has this. Quick to understand the brief, and more than that, improve on it, Sharon can deliver the editorial goods.

Amy Grenham

Marketing Manager, Desynit

Insightful, quick and creative, Sharon takes the time to understand us as an agency. We’ve worked with her on a number of client projects, including work for Sainsbury’s, Bottelino’s and the Paljakka Resort Hotel – the development of large resort in Finland. She has written copy for brochures, websites, newsletters and branding material. Her editorial support with presentations has led to us landing a very big new client. Sharon’s currently working on Creation’s new identity, and I’m looking forward to a long working relationship together.

Nick Wood

Creation Design & Commuication

I’ve worked with Sharon on many occasions and she is the person I go to first for any writing or branding project. Clever, perceptive and strategic, she understands the best way to get a message across and has a sharp creative mind. Her writing is always clear, succinct and memorable. And she makes great cakes.

Daniel Penfold

Head of Campaigns, Bishopsgate Institute

Thanks to Valuable Content, the Coull website is now a resource hub and the roadmap is in place so that we can scale that up in terms of adding great content. Sharon was able to edit vast swathes of content and make it easy to understand for the audience.

Dan Madden

VP of Marketing, Coull

Sharon is a talented copywriter and creator of compelling creative messages.  I’ve been really impressed by her ability to present complex and often highly technical products and services in a matter of fact, easy to digest and understand way.

Richard Dennys

Programme Director, Digital Business Academy

Get in touch with Sharon

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