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Sonja Jefferson


“Networking is the fastest and most effective way to build a business or career. Done correctly, it will increase your pool of contacts, build awareness of what you do, and motivate those valuable referrals and career-enhancing opportunities. If you network effectively, the relationships you create will generate a stream of opportunities from which you can choose.”

So says business coach Heather Townsend in her new book, The FT Guide to Business Networking. It’s a subject as old as commerce itself but Heather puts a new twist on it. Today if you want to get the best out of your networking efforts you should invest in a mix of face-to-face and online activity. It’s this joined up approach that sets Heather’s book apart.

Heather’s is an important and very timely book that every business person could benefit from reading. Online networking gives us the tools to build and manage a far larger networking than ever before. Used together with face-to-face, this means a massive opportunity to grow our businesses faster and more efficiently than we could in the past.

I helped Heather to get this book off the ground, working as her book coach in the early stages and helping her to get the book deal with FT Prentice Hall. As always when working with a business author, I’ve learned a massive amount from her along the way. I’m hugely proud of Heather and the book she’s produced. Here’s what I particularly like about The FT Guide to Business Networking:

  • It’s so comprehensive. It covers everything you need to know to get better at face-to-face and get started in the online world. I can’t think of anything else you’d need to know!
  • The advice in the book is eminently actionable. All the way through the book you get tips, guides, plans and action points to take away and implement. It’s evident that Heather really wants people to get their networking right.
  • It’s packed full of quotes and mini case studies from real businesses, large and small who have used this powerful combination of online and face-to-face networking to make their ventures fly. This brings trust and credibility to the content.

Valuable content it is indeed and I recommend it most highly. Have a look on Amazon – The FT Guide to Business Networking has 43 reviews to date! I’ll leave you with a snap of the pair of us from Heather’s book launch a couple of weeks ago. The girl has done good!

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