How Conscious Solutions uses valuable content for sales success

Sonja Jefferson

Valuable content will draw leads to your business. It is a highly effective ‘pull’ or ‘inbound’ strategy but the benefit doesn’t stop there. It’s an equally effective ‘push’ or ‘outbound’ marketing approach, one that your sales teams can use to open new sales conversations and generate good leads.

This article shows you how one of our latest Valuable Content Award winners, Conscious Solutions uses valuable content as a push technique for remarkable sales success.

Guides, not brochures

Conscious are specialist providers of digital marketing services for UK law firms. Sales and Marketing Director David Gilroy is a great believer in valuable content to engage prospects and initiate sales. Theirs is a niche proposition for the top 4,500 out of 11,000 law firms in the UK and they know their market well. Conscious’ content-rich website and social media activity generates leads and referrals but with ambitious growth plans they want more to meet their goals. They take their valuable content to their market with a smart approach that gets great results.

David and his sales team don’t produce any brochures. Instead they have created a stack of useful, well designed guides for law firms held as downloadable e-books in PDF format on their site and in printed format too – guides such as 38 Common Mistakes Law Firms Still Make with their Websites, 29 Mistakes Law Firms Unwittingly Make with their Brand.

“Our valuable guides – in e-book and printed format – are the only marketing materials my sales team needs. Guides, not brochures, open new doors and get us meetings and sales.” David Gilroy, Conscious Solutions @conscioussol

Valuable content campaigns

Conscious Solutions conduct valuable content campaigns around each guide, sending carefully written emails to target contacts with a link to download the guide from the Conscious website. Each campaign builds their reputation as helpful experts in their field and generates around a 15% response rate. If someone clicks the download button then Conscious’ website alerts the team and a sales person will call “…to see if the booklet downloaded OK”. It’s a perfect conversation starter rather than a “hard sell” conversation.

As well as the email campaign David’s team advertises the guide with pay-per-click LinkedIn adverts. David tracks the result of each campaign carefully to monitor return on investment and to learn what works best.

Results from the latest campaign

In August to September 2011 Conscious ran a LinkedIn ad campaign targeted at people whose LinkedIn profile said they worked in the legal sector. The campaign was promoting one of their valuable content tips booklets. The results speak for themselves:

  • The total campaign spend was £3,636.
  • Conscious’ average ROI target for this spend would be £28,800.
  • 1,214 click throughs generated 104 downloads.
  • 50 effective conversations generated 12 sales opportunities
  • The results was £35,050 of sales with an outstanding pipeline (as of April 2012) of £22,280.

Valuable content is a key part of Conscious Solution’s sales and marketing strategy, and it gets them the results they need. We think they do it very well. A well-deserved Valuable Content Award is on its way Conscious. Congratulations to you all.

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