Tips for valuable content sales campaigns

Sharon Tanton

If you want to meet with a dream prospect build a personal valuable content marketing campaign just for them. It might be based on two or three emails or tailored letters sent over several weeks with a different, interesting and useful article attached. Valuable content campaigns are highly effective in getting sales meetings with key people and in helping to build a trusted relationship.

Here are some guidelines to follow for a successful valuable content campaign.

20 tips for a successful valuable content campaign

  1. Know exactly who you want to do business with – do your research
  2. Create something they’ll find useful, relevant and interesting – an e-book for example
  3. Have your sales team send this e-book to your dream prospects
  4. Craft the introductory email or letter carefully – help, don’t pitch
  5. Put the e-book on your website
  6. Create a great landing page for it on your site
  7. Promote the e-book on your home page
  8. Make sure the e-book content is optimised for search
  9. Blog about it
  10. Tweet about it
  11. Share it as a LinkedIn status update
  12. Mention it on your LinkedIn groups, if it’s relevant
  13. Turn it into a slideshow
  14. Feature it in your email newsletter
  15. Advertise it with a targeted pay-per-click display ad – LinkedIn is particularly good for professional firms
  16. Put a link to it on your email signature
  17. Put a link to it on the back of a business card
  18. Create a webinar on the subject and invite your network to attend
  19. Create and distribute a press release about it
  20. Track the results carefully, and create a case study to show top management the benefits that your valuable content strategy is delivering.

Respect potential clients’ time by only ever sending them things they will genuinely value, and they’ll be happier to hear from you. Remember ‘help, don’t sell’ wins the day!

Do you have any tips for using content proactively to sell? We’d love to hear about it.

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