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A Valuable Content Award goes to Aussie wallet brand Bellroy for their beautifully designed and utterly engaging website.

Bellroy VC Award WinnersOur seventh festive Valuable Content Award goes to Aussie brand Bellroy for their beautifully designed and utterly engaging website. Fabulous content with perfect execution – there is so much you can take away from their approach.

Bellroy makes and sells wallets – or as they put it “Bellroy exists to slim your wallet.” As you’d expect from a company with a mission as tightly focused as this, the website is sleek and economical. Lots of space, gorgeous design and the right words are given space to breathe.

This is effortlessly branded content that just feels so good.

Everything they do hangs together so well under their wider mission – the hunt for ‘better ways to carry.’ Just check out the gamified ‘Slim your wallet‘ section – move the slider to see how quickly an ordinary wallet fills up. It’s a fantastically designed sales tool that feels useful and welcoming. The travel tips campaign is handy and fun, and positions them neatly as wallets for people who are clearly going places. Their companion content site ‘Carryology‘ keeps the conversation going with regular, shareable articles and ideas.

Connecting content with commerce

Their product pages are pretty much perfect in our view – seamlessly connecting content with commerce. For each of their wallets you’ll find a mix of tight copy, beautiful images, video and useful guides. Everything you need to help you make a decision in one place.

Bellroy is a business on a mission with content that makes it fly. It combines craftsmanship, a social conscience, and style along with the always compelling ‘just make your life simpler‘ message. Genius content marketing in our book.

Congratulations Bellroy!

Takeways from Bellroy

  • Bellroy aren’t just selling wallets, they’re streamlining your life. Tell the bigger story of ‘why.’
  • What’s your mission? Take a tip from Bellroy and slim it down to under 6 words.
  • Connect content with commerce on your product/service pages.
  • And make every sales campaign valuable – promote engaging content and draw people back to your website.
  • Keep the conversation flowing with regular content updates.
  • Talk ethics. We all want to do business with the good guys.

Bellroy’s content highlights

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