Sonja Jefferson

Marketing coach and content strategist

Sonja Jefferson founded Valuable Content in 1999, and works as a consultant, speaker and trainer. She helps owners and leadership teams in businesses to unlock what it is they really want to say to the world and create valuable content to get the word out.

Sonja is co-author of the award-winning Valuable Content Marketing book, now in its second edition. She set up and runs the Bristol Content Group and hosts the Valuable Content Awards, recognising content and marketing excellence from businesses around the world.

The work Sonja loves and the value it brings

She enjoys helping brave people create amazing content that helps their businesses fly. With a knack for going beyond the nitty-gritty to see the big picture, Sonja shows you how to get to the heart of your message and join up your marketing efforts for success.

Her work helps good businesses strengthen and grow, for more inbound leads and an easier, joined up sales process. Sonja gets businesses marketing – consistently and effectively – in a way they enjoy. Alongside a growing stack of truly valuable content, she leaves people with clarity and confidence in their ideas, and renewed pride in what they do.

Sonja’s valuable content story

“With a degree in Sociology from Bristol University, I started my career as a sales person for professional services firms, selling to corporates across Europe. It didn’t take me long to work out that cold-calling and traditional sales tactics often led to dead ends. I quickly realised that the marketing material I was given to help me sell didn’t do much to open doors either: prospective clients just chucked it in the bin! I wanted a more natural way to start conversations.

I changed tack, sending out copies of articles my MD had written for the trade press to open conversations. It worked! The people I wanted to do business with appreciated the helpful, thought-provoking information. This realisation coincided with the arrival of blogs and social media, which I could see cut out the middleman and allowed companies to reach their audience directly and tell their own stories.”

These early experiences ignited Sonja’s interest in an approach that has become known as content marketing – engaging prospects and motivating sales with valuable content.

Get in touch with Sonja:

  • If you want to get clear on your message.
  • If you want to understand how to transform your website and online marketing to get business results.
  • If you’re struggling to know what to say with your content.
  • If you want help to make a valuable content marketing approach work across your business.
  • If you want to put together a working content marketing strategy.
  • If you’re looking for a talk, training course or workshop around purpose-led business, new marketing, valuable website and social media or content marketing strategy.

Life outside work

Sonja lives with her husband and two boys in Bristol, UK. She loves the water, the colder the better. She is currently learning the intricacies of rowing a traditional Cornish Pilot Gig and occasionally braves the British weather and jellyfish for long outdoor swims (which is useful in the unlikely event that the boat capsizes!). She dreams about a house in a cove on the rugged west coast.

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Sonja’s latest articles

If you are scratching your head about how to market your business in this topsy turvy world of digital, then Sonja is definitely someone you should talk to.

First of all, you’ll get on; she’s one of those people who lights up a room and radiates positive energy every time you meet her. And second, she will talk to you in language you understand about how to kick start content for all those online channels that are embarrassingly inactive and unengaging at the moment.

So if you are looking to finally get to grips with your digital strategy and start getting a return on your website, I’d thoroughly recommend you contact Sonja.

Chris Thurling

Director of Bristol Media, Chris Thurling Strategy

I was so pleased to have Sonja join us at the HOW Interactive Conference. Her insight into content strategy is invaluable, but what strikes me as her greatest strength is her keen sense of context. She truly understands what it means for an organization to redefine itself, and her unique blend of warmth, empathy, wit, and intelligence make her the perfect guide through what is often a disorienting, difficult, and discouraging paradigm shift. Sonja’s finely-crafted talk deftly won her the hearts and minds of the discerning designers in our audience. I would recommend her in an instant to any event or organization needing a perspective on content and digital marketing. Chris Butler

Program Director, HOW Interactive Design Conference, Chicago

I hired Sonja and her team to help me develop the new website for The Get Real Project–one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Sonja is thoughtful, conscientious, resourceful, and insightful. I’m absolutely thrilled with what we created together and look forward to a long-lasting partnership. Andrea P. Howe

Founder, The Get Real Project

“I hired Sonja Jefferson of Valuable Content as a consultant to lead the design and development of the University’s first content strategy. We wanted to understand how we could use content to better support the student journey around applicant engagement and conversion, and so meet our strategic international student recruitment goals. Sonja brought deep content strategy and content marketing expertise and an outside-in view, which meant she could ask awkward but very salient questions, which, in a university context, is what is needed to make real change. The work facilitated an improved collaboration between offices, for a joined up strategy that cut across internal silos, delivering an approach to our content which was truly student-first.”

Urfan Ali

Web and New Media Manager, University of Bristol

Sonja is the person you want at the table, working at a strategic level to help a business understand and embrace content marketing. She can look at MD in eye and make strategic recommendations that will take that business forward. And, what’s more – she’s a pleasure to work with!

Bryony Thomas

Founder and Author, Watertight Marketing

I always look forward to meeting with Sonja. Not only does she bring deep level expertise in all things ‘content’ related, but she always comes into a room with energy and a can do attitude. She is easy to get on with, clear in her advice, and has a knack of empathising with everyone she meets. That is an important quality in an advisor, as we are usually grappling with a multitude of colleagues and a variety of views. Sonja makes everyone feel listened to and important, and then draws the threads together into a single solution. Terri Lucas

UK Client Growth Leader, Mercer

Sonja has a great knack for helping you take a step back, away from the nitty gritty details, to revisit what it is that you’re trying to achieve with your content marketing. It was a real pleasure working with her on building out our content strategy at Moonfruit and I do hope we can work together again some time – I’ll certainly recommend Valuable Content to anyone looking for an outside perspective on their content efforts. Vicki Shiel

Head of Content, Moonfruit

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